Star Craft: Cd Key and Registry Editing

I went to copy my copy of Starcraft to another computer, and found that i cant locate my cd key for it. Some one told me that it (the key) is stored on your computer somewhere. Im assuming its in the registry. Does anyone know if this is true, and where in the registry i can find it?

And yes i know i can get a generator, i want a legal key to play online with. Which mine is. And i dont want to have to go and get another copy of the game.


I would imagine it would be under something like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Starcraft\StarCD

no luck.

Contrary to popular belief, not every program simply lists its CD-key in the registry. StarCraft’s CD-Key is likely encrypted and placed in one of the program’s configuration files, or encrypted in one of the keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Starcraft

What I have gathered from googling, it seems that the cd-keys are held in MPQ files, blizzard’s own file format. I’ve tried a few MPQ readers but I have not been sucessful in finding a cd-key. There are a few cd-key grabber programs out on the web but none of them seem to be updated to the latest patch yet.

Got it. :slight_smile:

I got a cd key grabber that works for v1.11, which I still have, as I havent been playing online recently, so i havent updated it.

Thanks all.

Now, is anyone up for a game??