Star Black-out

I’m gonna keep a watch on Eta Carina’s light by the end of the month. Carina A will be “in front” of Carina B in our perspective and its magnitude will rise. The proccess has already started, and it peaks in the last week of June.

Such “eclipse” only happens about every five years and a half (actually, 5,53 years to be more precise).

Anybody’s gonna see it too?

No, since I do not live in the Southern Hemisphere. Anyhow, have fun. Do you own a telescope of your own?

You’re like, one of five people on the boards who can possibly see it, Ren.

slaps his own face :fungah: I had forgotten it’s bellow the horizon for you guys…

I’m first assembling my sky maps, then I’ll find out which local observatory is best for me. I don’t have a telescope of my own.

That sounds really, really cool.

But of course, I’m a northern hemisphere guy, so I won’t be able to see it. (always seems like all the really cool astronomical stuff happens in the southern half. Well, okay, we get a decent ammount of lunar eclipses, I guess… but man, I’ve never heard of any distant stars eclipsing each other up in our half. probably happens, though, but nobody ever tells me).

Anyway, yeah, sounds cool, enjoy. And, of course, if you felt so inclined as to, say generate pictures of said occurence and, hypothetically, post or attach them to a post in one of our forums, I’m sure that some of us would very much appreciate it (or even a link to a website that would host such photos).

Have fun.

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