Stadium 2 FAQ in Pokémon GS? + More Qs

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  1. The Non shining List contains Pokémon Stadium (and presuambly Pokémon Stadium 2). But Poké Stadium 2 complements Gold and Silver. Should I incude a Small “FAQ” about it and how it affects the Games?

  2. I’ve got a kind of writers Block, I know what I want to say but can’t put in to English or my Engrish. I need help to keep my mind from wandering?

BTW: I’ve Named My Rival on my Carts:
Gold: Pierson,
Silver: Xelo
Cyrstal: NiteBld (Nightblade in the gaps)

probably just a small page of what stadium allows you to do in g/s, like trading or whatever. it’d be pretty useful

Right. Two Screen lengths, Tops.

I think, all the Poké shriners, Should have a Trading Page on each Shrine for how it affects other shines games. I do have a N64 and RBY carts and Both Stadium for other Shiners if they don’t have access to it.


Here is Mark1:

Pokémon Gold/Silver Trading Guide

There are 2 ways to Transfer Pokémon from cart to cart. The First is “The Link Cable” Method, and the other N64 Pokémon Stadium 2 Method. Trading with Chrystal is the same as trading with Gold and Silver, and therefore is included as part of Gold and Silver.

Link Cable Method.

You need:

* 2 Gameboys (All Gameboys except Super Gameboy and Dual Screen)
* A Gameboy Connector Lead. NOT A Gameboy Advance link cable.
* Carts with Pokémon to be transfered or to be battle in the party and saved in a Pokémon center.

Some Pieces of Nintendo Game Boy Hardware will not work so here is what to avoid and what I recommend to buy.

Pokémon Gold and Silver work with nearly every Version of Gameboy hand held but Crystal works with the Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advances only. I treat the Gameboy Player Attachment for the Nintendo Game Cube and the Gameboy Advance-SP as a Gameboy Advance for purposes of this Guide. The Dual Screen (DS) can not play the games and therefore you can not trade from or to it. The Super Gameboy Accerssery for the SNES does not have a EXT port like all the other Gameboys. The rare Super Gameboy 2 Accersary does have a EXT port and should be able to trade, but it is so rare I can not say for certain. The Gameboy Transfer Pak for the Nintendo can not be used in conjunction with a Gameboy with this method.

There Are Several Types of Link cables. The Gameboy Advance cables and the Game Cube’s Gameboy Advance Transfer cable are incompatible. The Color/Pocket Lead can be pluged in to the Advances EXT Port. You need a Universal Link Cable to Connect from an original Game Boy to a any other model of Gameboy. Please Note: Nintendo have now Officially discontinued ALL Game Boy Link Cables except Gameboy Advance Link cable and the Game Cube’s Gameboy Advance Transfer cable.

Incompatible Games
All Games must be the ORIGINAL Gameboy size cart games. They are more Square than the Gameboy Advance Games. The Gameboy Advance Games are incompatible with Gold and Silver due to link cable Problems. For the Missing Pokémon from Gold and Silver, that are not in your Ruby or Sapphire games, I recommend to complete Pokémon Collesseam for the Pokémon that appear in that game to be traded. Several “Johto only” also Appear in Fire Red and Leaf Green games.

Save both games in or near a Pokémon Center. Sort Party for trading Pokémon what were in Boxes. Turn off both Gameboys. Plug in Link cable in Both Gameboys. Turn on Both Gameboys. Load game.

In Game
Between Gold, Silver and Crystal

After Giving the egg to Elm you can start trading. Both Players Head up stairs of a Pokémon center and Talk to a lady to trade, at the same time. It doesn’t mater if you are a second or two out. She will ask you to save before you begin trading. Accept the option to save. Players pick the Pokémon to Trade. Accept or Decline the Pokémon. Once Accepted the actual trading Process begins. If the Pokémon Starts Evolves on arrival hit B if you would like to keep it as the way it is or let it evolve. (According to the PokéDex you have Entrys for Both Before and After.)

Between Gold, Silver and Crystal to Red, Blue and Yellow

In the Gold, Silver or Crystal game, After Entering Ecriteak Pokémon Center, you’ll BILL and he announces the Time Capsule work. It is almost the the Same as trading Between Gold, Silver and Crystal but you use the Time Capsule instead, and you can not have any thing that was in Red, Blue and Yellow and you must remove all Items from your Pokémon and not have any new moves or Pokémon in your Party. It is worth Noting that several Pokemon from Red, Blue and Yellow when Traded bring Items with them.

Nintendo 64 Pokémon Stadium 2
Essentially it makes Pokemon Trading quicker since you can Select Pokémon in Boxes and you can see which Pokémon can be trades a a glance.

You need:

* Nintendo 64 in the same Language of your Carts.
* Pokémon Stadium 2
* Two (2) Controllers
* Two Gameboy transfer Paks
* The Carts that are for Trading saved in a Pokémon center.

Insert Games before Starting Game Before you go in to Oak’s Lab on the Stadium. Make sure you have saved in a Pokémon center. You can use the GB Tower if you haven’t.

Select Oak’s Lab then a Cart to Trade from/to then the Trade Machine. Select the other Trading cart. Select Pokémon. A Pokémon with a red background means it can not be traded. Check the Trade and Accept. If any Pokemon Evolve you can cancel it by hitting B.

Trading with Red, Blue and Yellow is simple since it you can not select a new Pokémon.

Coment and ask resonble Questions!!

You might also want to include small bits on some of the special pokemon you can win in Stadium 2, such as the Baton Pass Farfetch’d, and maybe on the Mystery Gift girl too. I forget what her name is, but you can find out by Gifting with her and then going to the trainer house in Viridian.