St. Patrick Was A Gentleman

Who through strategy and stealth
Drove all the snakes from Ireland.
Here’s a toasting to his health
But not too many toastings,
Lest we lose ourselves and then,
Forget the good St. Patrick
And see the snakes again.

Erin go bragh!

Here! Here! To the only ethnic minority still willing (or at least not objecting) to put up with their own derogative typecasting.

So a toast to Happy Fighting Irish Day! :toast:

Drinking is derogative? Who knew. :wink:

Actually the Roman Catholic Church moved St. Patrick’s day to the 15th because today is a Holy Day. Still gonna get drunk tonight though, I don’t need Rome tellin’ me what to do.

Yeah I was wondering how many people caught that.

and just like james i’ll be drinking irish tonight

I had about five beer and a friend of mine reached for my phone to start dialing my ex (should’ve deleted that damn number) and I reached for the phone frantically with my arms and accidently came down with a slap to the face, so she reached up and gave me the bitchslap or retrebution, then realised how smashed we were and gave eachother a big ol’ friendly hug.

Then I called her husband saying “Hey guy, I just hit your wife in the face, how’s Korea?”

Good times.

(He took it well, knew it was just an accident, in joking and in beer)

Well fuck.

I got fucked.

We had corned beef, and boiled cabbage and potatoes for dinner. It’s a shame me sibblings don’t like corned beef; I’d really like to have it more than once a year.

I think a lot of people decided that they’d cover the whole long weekend, then, just to make absolutely sure they got all of the St Patrick bases covered.