Squidis doing that THING again...


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I’m not a particular fan of Squidi, and I know that he’s a bit of fanatic, but I really wish that people would stop going out of their way to piss him off. We all know that this isn’t really about fair use or copyright infringement anymore, its just a bunch of web goons who are harrassing him for kicks.

He is a fanatic and overly protective of his creations, but this is harrasment. Leave him alone to create is webcomic and let us read it without constant interruptions like this. That should make everyone happy.

Good thing his site isn’t protected by Norwegian copyright laws. They’re so outdated in respect to the Internet that it is technically illegal to browse webpages.

Okay, the only other time I had heard of squidi was when PA was threatened for some of it’s forum members using squidi avvies. That’s a bit fanatical, but in this case, he has good reason to attack legally.

Frankly I don’t blame the net goons for harassing that squidi guy. I’ll be honest in that I’ve never read his comic or really given a rats ass, but from what I’ve seen with the PA thing and now this, squidi is a prick that thinks he owns any sprites that look remotly like his.

That’s not true at all. Squidi layed his sprites on top of the ones created and it became very easy to tell they had been stolen. The big thing wasn’t that they were being used, but that the creator was saying that he had created them all from scratch, which was not true.

You should really talk to him about it, and you’ll see that while yes, he is pretty arrogant and some what fanatical, it’s not like he just goes out of his way to pick on people, but rather that people go out of their way to pick on him.

If this keeps up, I’m gonna be tempted to use the EMP on Squidi.

Me and my friend discussed this whole thing today at lunch.
I think squidi was in the right at first by asking them to at least give him credit, but after that I think he was an ass about it (i’m a bit misinformed on the whole thing too.)
Really, I think both “sides” fucked up a bit in the way they went about it.

Wait, i dont get it.

Yeah, what exactly is this about?

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Yeah, he’s just asking for it. And he’s showing open e-mails like he’s REAL MAN but only showing how much of an asshole he is. Idiot.

For all of you guys who don’t have a clue whats going on, I’ll do a brief rundown.

The first incident of this whole messy ordeal came up a couple of months ago. Apparently someone on the Penny Arcade forums had modified Squidi’s art for some forum avatars. Although we still don’t know if the images were copied directly, it was pretty obvious that they were bootleg copies of Squidi’s originals. Naturally Squidi was pissed off, but he made the HUGE mistake of directly threatening Penny Arcade. This erupted in a gigantic flame war between the two sites.

HOWEVER, the crap really hit the fan when Gabe directly commented on the situation on the Penny Arcade front page. He essentially dismissed Squidi as a whiner, and said that he had no basis for legal action. Of course, this was essentially a “green light” for all the PA fans to go ballistic on Squidi.

You can read the PA News Posts here

Nothing really got resolved from this incident, and all it really accomplished was to create a strong hatred towards Squidi.net. Scott Kurtz didn’t really help the situation either after he made THIS comic.

Due to these incidents, Squidi has become somewhat of a pariah in the webcomics world. He has managed to maintain a small but loyal fanbase, but things just seem to have gotten worse and worse for him. The latest issue has really sparked a lot of controversy though.

Luminance.org recently made a program called CI2K3 which was obviously created for the sole purpose of pissing off Squidi. Naturally, Squidi got VERY upset over this incident, and responded in his usual fanatical style. He shut down his site temporarily, and contemplated ending the webcomic for good.

As for the webmaster of Luminance.org, he just laughed the whole thing up. He knew that all the internet fanboys would side with him on the issue, no matter how stupid the premise was. He managed to rile up Squidi and drive up the hits to his website, and thats probably all he really wanted to accomplish in the first place.

Squidi’s website

I used to really like PvP. Then I read that comic about Squidi, so I wrote him an email about it. He never responded. I’ve considered writing a follow up, calling him a cowardly little man who hides behind his comic strips, but I haven’t quite worked up the energy.

Little shit. or perhaps I should say big fat shit? Scott Kurtz is a whompus mother fucker.

Even if you think the guy’s an asshole, you gotta admit that his description of CI2K3 is pretty funny.

And whompus is the greatest word ever.

The way I see it is, it happened, so just let the past REMAIN the past.

All else aside, Squidi’s comic is damn good.

I used to really like Penny Arcade. Then, the whole Squidi thing made me respect them (or Jerry anyway) less. Then, after the MTV Videogame thing, Jerry asking why they chose Seanbaby (which is to be taken in a derogatory tone, since his personality can be seen as more or less “I think I’m better than everyone”), you know… as though he thought HE should’ve been picked. But, yeah, I just think Jerry’s a dick (more than decent singer, though) and I stopped reading the comic.

Still, Kool-Aid Man tripping is the fucking greatest thing the world of webcomics has even seen.

I understand it now.

Meh i find it too hard to follow sprite comics, they tend to drag on a little too long, i think squidi has the right idea though with changing storylines and ahem ‘diverse’ characters :hyperven: