Square Enix to purchase Taito

[quote=<A HREF=“http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?nb20050823a1.htm”>The Japan Times</A>]<B>Square Enix ready to acquire Taito</B>

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In the latest move amid industrywide reorganization, Square Enix Co., the maker of the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy video games, announced Monday it will acquire smaller rival Taito Corp. for 67 billion yen.
Square Enix will aim to acquire all Taito shares through a tender offer bid between Tuesday and Sept. 21 at 181,100 yen per share.

Taito, which operates 270 arcades nationwide, is known as the creator of Space Invaders, the arcade video game that became a phenomenon in the early 1980s.

Square Enix was born from a merger of the two major role playing game makers two years ago. The combined sales of Taito and Square Enix stood at 158.42 billion yen for the year ended in March.

Kyocera Corp., Taito’s parent with a 36 percent stake, said it has already agreed to Square Enix’s bid.

After the acquisition, Taito will keep its name and operate as a separate entity under its new parent, the company officials said.

Yoichi Wada, president of Square Enix, told a news conference the firm will continue to seek mergers and acquisitions if necessary to survive in an industry undergoing dramatic changes.

Wada explained that the move is part of the firm’s strategy to survive in the rapidly changing industry.

“Video game consoles, cell phones and car navigators . . . game platforms have become very diversified,” he said, and methods of creating and providing game content and services have quite changed accordingly.

Against this background, the acquisition of the arcade operator is expected to bring in new ways to reach consumers, he said, adding that Taito also has a bigger presence than his company in the mobile content business.

The announcement follows the planned merger of Bandai Co. and Namco Ltd. made public in May and the creation of Sega Sammy Holdings Co. last year.

The Japan Times: Aug. 23, 2005[/quote]

So… Square Enix’s <A HREF=“http://www.slimeknights.com/”>Slime Knights</A> website mentions a possible “Lufia remake” as an outcome of this purchase. And, for once in this industry, it’s a “purchase,” and not a merger. The article mentions that Taito would still remain a seperate company, though, which would (probably) keep us from seeing a Lufia under the Square Enix banner. I hope this also results in more Taito games coming out over here (like Magic Pengel, and Puzzle Bobble). I’d also like to see the Taito-published Ys PS2 remakes come to the US (though that’s unlikely… -_-).

Maybe some Langrisser titles would be nice…

Wasn’t Langrisser made by Masayan?

Still, it would be nice…

A Lufia remake with PS2/PS3 graphics, especially a Lufia II remake would be truly awesome. Let us know if anything new comes up about this.

Yeah, they were developed by CareerSoft, a development team that is now employed by Atlus (They are the ones responsible for Growlanser, btw), and were released by Masaya Corp., which is who CareerSoft worked for at the time.

But, now, Taito is releasing a remake of Langrisser 3 next month in Japan. I guess Taito has the rights to the series now?

Every Lufia since Lufia II has sucked. If SE is responsible for making another Lufia, it’d be funny if only because Lufia was originally a DW clone. I don’t think its that probable because Lufia was originally made by Neverland and also remember that SE owns Atlus, the guys who made the Ogre Battle series. What happened to THAT? -_-

I think its not unreasonable to think of the Ys coming stateswise if only because SE has a good hold here and they’d easily be able to distribute IF they chose to.


I agree with Sinistral, though. Every Lufia after the first 2 was horrible. Those two with the REAL Sinistrals and the Maxim/Guy/Selan/Artea story were the best of the bunch. ::dekar!::

Ogre Battle needs to come back, too. Never thought I would say it, but FFTactics is getting a little old. We need more strategy RPGs.

SE doesn’t own Atlus, they own Quest, the developers of OgreBattle. And, thus far, exactly BOLLOCKS has come of it… -_-

Also, Enix (now SE) owns a sizable chunk of Game Arts, which is why the new Grandia is being published by SE. Pretty much all respectible RPGs are being sucked into the SE powerhouse.

Forget about Lufia.
How about an RPG-shooter game based on Space Invaders?
Final Invaders :wink:

Which is why that indie RPGs and S-RPGs are being published by Atlus and NIS (even though you can call them incestual, 'cause they publish the same thing over and over).

Out of curiosity, why did Square and Enix merge in the first place?