Square-Enix Conspiracy Theory(break out the tin foil hats)

Now, i know everyone here knows about the Erdrick refernce in the old FF1.
Erdrick is a character from Dragonwarrior. An Enix game. And now, nearly 15-20 years later. Squaresoft and Enix merge as companies. Is this early relation an Enix game mere coincidence? Or is there some deeper demonic or alien plot afoot among our favorite game producers ? Or am i jumping at the shadows behind my door ? Are aliens really reading my thoughts as i play FF11 ? Help me decide folks !!! Tell me what you think of this MYSTERIOUS prophecy from the late 80’s !!

You need to cover yourself head to toe in tin foil and give up sleep to avoid the alien brain reading thing. The rest is all inevitable.

An also stop blinking.

In the original Japanese, this gravestone read “May Link rest in peace” - referring to the Zelda series.

Yeah, Nintendo’s in on it too. Fear, you paranoid FREAKS!

I still got Erdrick, in my FF origins.

Big Nutter
Who’s Erdrick?

Must be a sign with Square starting to work with Nintendo again.

EDIT: To answer Nuntter’s question; Erdrick is the ancient hero of Dragon Warrior. He’s the one that origianlly slays the dragon lord and all heros in the games are decesndents of him and only they can beat the dragon lord when he returns.

Like Lufia… But only Squaresoft uses it… because of the aliens… everywhere… in my head… must drill them out … DRILL THEM OUT !!!

Yeah use a Pneumatic Drill. Nice high powered. or a spork is always an option.

Next Final Fantasy game will feature those little goombas instead of moogles. Nintendo controls everything…