Squall& The Architect

The Architect: Welcome, Squall Leonhart.

Squall: Who are you?

The Architect: I am The Architect, the one that has constructed the device that is known as The Harbinger Of Doom. Although you have arrived to this point of cloisterness, you still remain irrevocably, tense. The quintessential your disbelief is still surfacing throughout the conscienceness you have gathered until arriving, it’s fundementally scarred.

Squall: This place was supposed to be the self-destruction chamber.

The Architect: Your altered conscienceness may have been decieved with the illusion of the destruction inherent in the nature of The Harbinger may be distracted from it’s initial course of action, and transformed into a source that inquires varying subjects of eradication.

Squall: My question is still unanswered.

The Architect: Exactly. The primary target of your question may or may not have been to inquire for a persitent answer, although it remains fundementally irrevelant to the current issue that has been affixed on your conscience.

Squall: What is the Heir Of A Dying Day?

The Architect: Interesting. Your reactions seem to be ascending to the next level of knowledge you are here to accept, with an advancing speed, wherein you inquire an answer to your set of questions. Ergo, the answers’ complications may prove to be a contradictory existence to what your being would like to percieve.

Squall: Am I here for a reason?

The Architect: The fact that you are here is deeply connected to the unquestioned obedience you have inherent in your nature as a soldier. The imperatives that have attached them to your mission were to be fulfilled, and they haven’t been filtered by the discrimination of logic and reason.

Squall: I’m here because I was told to be here.

The Architect: Precisely. The course of action you have persecuted led you inexorably to the deepest pits of Esthar where you have been forcedly driven to; where you have been forced to credulite in the answers to rest. Complying to the primary course of action should have resulted in a path to the finality of the war.

Squall: Do you have anything to do with the war?

The Architect: The clear and obvious truth clearly indicates my existence is higlhy relevant to the incessant existence of The Harbinger.

Squall: Then if I kill you, The Harbinger will-

The Architect: Be dysfunctioning. Although against such contingency, a protection is and was necessary to be constructed. The protection inherent in such construction required the eradication of the inital coordinates, and it’s every inhabitant.

Squall: It all ends with destruction. But what if I manage to kill you, and get out of here fast enough…

The Architect: Such contingecy would be highly illogical and would constitute to an escalating probability of extinction of your species.

Squall: You’re not powerful enough to wipe out us all.

The Architect: Such delusion would prove to be a disillusion, once you have gathered enough information about the relevant issue, you will most probably experience the sentiment of having already seen the holocaust.

Squall: Why are you doing this?

The Architect: My path of reasoning lies beyond the measures of the lesser mind you contain, which is caused by the imperfection inherent in your nature.

Squall:You think I will fail to understand?

The Architect: There are other existing routes and condingecies included within the data you require, which may result in the ultimate dysfunctioning of your individual psyche, thus, creating the eventuality of your death.

Squall:I won’t die of a sentence.

The Architect: It may appear as so to you. But any failure during the transfer of information, will result in the ultimate dead end.

Squall: Go on. I can take anything you got.

The Architect: Very well. Follow me and you will bear witness, to the ultimate truth when it has been properly expressed.

Squall:Let’s go.

Typical Architect. :smiley:

Some context would be helpful though. What fic does it refer to? What is the destruction chamber? It doesn;t make much sense on it’s own.

Good conversation though. It really does come off as the architect. Old bastard still uses big words. I personally think Script format is evil, but that’s just my opinion. Good job.

it’s not from a fiction or anything. I just wanted to see if I could actually work Squall and The Architect into a diologue. A way to fight my writer’s block.

The thing is, I once thought it was hard to write even a monologue from The Architect.

But it’s easy. You just need to find other ways of saying things. Like “contingency” instead of “possibility”.

what did you mean by script format was evil?

Anyways, thanks for commenting.

Anyone else?