Someone pointed out this program to me :SpySweeper . It’s a program similar to Ad Aware and Spybot, but it found an assload more.

I ran Spybot and Adware and it found 6 items between the two. I ran Spysweeper and it found 10 programs and 1046 traces. That’s a lot. But I’ve also read that some of these programs will create false results in order to persuade people to pay for the programs. So I was wondering if anyone could verify the validity of this program, to prove that it really was finding all of this stuff. Because if it’s real, that’s incredible.

Hmmm I can’t verify that, but it looks pretty real to me. I downloaded it too and it worked well for me. All the things it found were familiar to me- most of the time stuff other adware/ spywareproggies found and deleted, but most of the time when I deleted the crap it was still there.
So yeah, before I deleted the things I checked to see if the cookies and so on were really in the directories it listed- and they were.
When I rebooted after using the proggie I was amazed how my list of running programs had decreased :stuck_out_tongue: Good find, Sorc.

my spyware solution - shut off active x scripting.

positive - completely prevents spyware from landing on your pc, blocks annoying flash advertisements

negative - when you want active x to run, you have to manually add the site to your trusted internet zone

If you get a very high number of positive results it’s often because spyware detecting programs jump on cookies like they were going out of style. All cookies are usually considered to be spyware, even those that aren’t like you hotmail/yahoo remember my password and even RPGClassics’ forum login.

Not all programs find everything, but if after running one program you run another and get a large number of possitives you should be skeptical.

DS speaks truth