sprtzplzkthxbi (OR, the UZ needs sprites thread!)

Er… Never mind the title, I’m UZ. I need some sprites for a comic I plan to do. Unfortunatly, the comic will require all custom sprites. And I am a really ^%$&y spriter. :bowser:

I’ll need 5 characters worth of sprites. Any number of “Poses” will do, I just need them. (Hell, I don’t even care if all the sprites are done by different people or not.)

I’ll need: Cyberwolf: Here’s a sample of what he looks like. See my crappy spriting?

Generic Girl: I really don’t care what she looks like, as long as she has brown hair and is semi easily customizable. (I can’t sprite humans. I have absolutly no way to give you a sample of what she looks like.)

Danger: He carries a sword, and he also has blue hair. He’s the same size as the other two heroes. Again, I don’t cxare what he looks like, except he’s human. There you go. Go wild. (See previous description in parenthises.)

Ultimate chaos: A black floating skull with two teeth, and glowing red eyes. He should be on a sheet with a smaller version of him, so I can make recolors of him called "The chaoslings.

Coorperate Greed: A man wearing a black suit, and carrying a briefcase. He should have wide shoulders and big, square head. Other than that, I have no real preferences. Go wild again.

Please help me out here. PLEASE. PLEEEEASE!!! Thank you. If you help. If not, never min… oh, you get it.

So your comic is starring a can opener with posable horns? Good try though.

Anyways, I’m not too good with sprites myself, but I can help. If you’d like my help, feel free to PM me. k tnx.

Ok I seems that you can get away with some of the RM2K sprites. http://charas-project.net/ is the best one I use. You get a 4x4 picture for the chara set and you can get several in RM2K3 battle Sets. (Note to self Battle Win2k)

Be warned that you can easly get sprite to clash with each other.

Big Nutter
(I so wanted a battle Set. and I get one before he does…)