Sprite Resources

I was thinking, and I realized that this board doesn’t a page for Sprite resources (and the subsite is out of date in that area so it will be updated when I make the next update >.>). Well, anyway, I feel that it would be a use for me to post sprite resources pages that I personally like. Others may post theirs too. In fact, I encourage it. Also, I would post Sprite Rip City, but well, it has a habit of going down as well as being hosted on pages with porn ads, so if anyone knows its URL, pm it to me but don’t post it in this thread.

Teh best0rz Mega Man sprite page!
Canaanite Creations
Guilty Gear Sprites
A Good Source of Mario Sprites

Go ahead and post your other ones, but remember, no Sprite Rip City if you know its working URL.

I found this pretty good FFT sprite page, only one page though.



Those are great Guilty Gear Sprites!!1

Might just be me, 984, but that first link appears to be busted.

Ah crap. .sprites inc. is down. That’s bad. It’s just like when that other Mega Man sprites site went down years ago. Wish I could remember its name. That guy was pretty cool. I think he represented himself with a little 8 bit Rock and a paint brush.

Okay. Sprites INC is back up. Hooray.

Oh yeah. The sprite guy I was thinking about was known as Pixel Boy. Man. That’s like old school. I think he shut his site down in 98.

Anyone know where I could find some good Capcom sprites?

Canaanite. Unless you mean Mega Man, I don’t know now that Sprites Inc. is down again.

Sprites INC is up again they have issues… dont they

There’s a really great website I go to a lot for sprites. The name is geocities.com/cyberfenrir. It is a great resource for FF 3/6 sprites, Megaman sprites, and others plus great links to other sites.

You guys might want to check out the Shy Guy Kingdom. That’s where I got all the sprites for the FFCompendium from.

Looking for: Full “Street Fighter Alpha/Zero” sprite sheets for Akuma, Ryu, Ken.

Any help will be rewarded with more dancing cammy!

I like this one.

Does any one know where i can find some G gundam sprites?
so far the only gundam sprites i could find are gundam heavyarm wing gundam and vayati. :moogle:

Download WinKawaks 1.47

Download Alpha 3

Play Alpha 3

Grab sprites using screenshot feature.

Easy as TD.

:noway: can anyone find a sprite sheet for sephiroth rurouni kenshin or hayato if so id be very great ful if u do find them email the sites to midnite181@aol.com

:booster: im going to post some sprite i like the forum and nice sprites ppl im new -.- btw hiiii all custom gundam sprites site i found for u hope u can use it cait sith thats cool customness…lol :hyperven: