Sprite Forum Rules

For some reason, 984 can’t make any long posts so here’s what he wants to say.

Well, since all the posts got purged, it’s just necessary to post the few rules for this Forum.

  1. Anyone wishing to just post sprites to show off will post them in the general thread for that thing.

  2. Anyone wishing to request sprites from either Drak or 984 shall request them via Board PM, e-mail, ICQ, or IRC in the #rpgcsprites chat room. Requests made any other way shall not be accepted.

  3. For those that wish to lend their spriting services to others, you may create a thread on it. That thread shall be yours to post the sprites you’ve made, show off your sprites, take the initial request, etc. However, all consulting between the spriter and the sprite requester on what should be changed with the sprite should be done via PM, e-mail, ICQ, etc, NOT in the thread.

  4. No general blabbering. This is a sprite forum. Take the ohsohdg chases oihsgoihds to Main Forum, ToB, or Free Roleplay.

Uh, that’s it, I guess.