Sprite Contest... would you be interested???

I’m wondering if any of you talented spriters would be interest in a Sprite Contest? What if I would arrange one? Would anyone join? Could someone help me/us out to spread the word about it?

Would there be prizes? No billion dollar things no… I am but a student, but I’m sure something would be manageable, and I don’t break my word once I give it.

What categories should such a contest have do you think? For how long should such a contest continue?

Anything else you’d think might help that would make such a contest interesting and appealing to join?

Sincerely yours.

i would love to be in your sprite contest. im pretty new to making sprites to. :moogle:

Tell Yar Kramar(I think that’s how it’s spelt.). He rocks at Sprites.

Welcome everyone to join, the constes webpage is underconstruction and should be up during next week…

By the way, where will I find this “Yar Kramar” fellow?

you can find him on the members list. from there you can just pm him or email. :moogle:

The winners would probably be between you and 984, so why bother?

because then everybodies can show off there original sprites.

like my bizzarro sailor scouts.


Actually, I wouldn’t feel comfortable entering at all. I’m more of a grafter. From my exposure to Lysekoid and the contests on his site from the past, he seems to put more emphasis on completely original sprites, which I suck at.

Exactly why I don’t bother doing anything anymore, man. The only one of US who’d be able to do much of anything is Drak, and he has better things to do with his time.

Wait till my second year at Digipen, I’ll be taking a sprite making class… lol, I wish I was in that class already.

Well I suppose you could sign me up, I too am relatively new but I would like to try my hand at it. Right now I’m in the middle of ripping sprites from my Paladin’s Quest ROM but I should be able to enter the contest and put something together, maybe.

Ooooooh! Sith, do you have more sailor sprites then just Sailor Vegeta?!

yes i do.
i have a whole team.
the team consist of sailor vegita, sailor link, sailor megaman, sailor heavyarm, and much to my delight sailor mog.

:moogle: i hate you.

oh hush you look good in a sailor scout uniform.(I will show the sprites later during the contest)

The prototype webbpage for the Great Sprite Contest 4 is almost finished. I will have it uploaded to the internet, and providing you guys with an url, before this week runs out…

Original sprite will be prefered… but more than one sprize can be won… and there will be more categories to choose from… so who know… it could be worth it. Besides, maybe adding one category for art would not be such a bad idea…

Cool, can I be a judge? :slight_smile:

Please sent me an email and we’ll talk about it dear.
lysekoid @ lypson.se (without blanks of course)


Protopage for the GSC4 is up, please tell me what you think? (not all pages are working yet though, need one more day to finish it…)


That’s cool!

By the way… there aren’t that many spriters around these days, are there?
Besides us here, you know of any that are still around?