Sprite-avatar request

I also need a sprite to represent me in the match game. I don’t really care what it is, so long as it’s not obviously dumb or stupid-looking. Go nuts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m too busy working on my own AWESOME secret side project to do any of this. All of your requests are just so vague with “Oh, make me a sprite, but not stupid looking!” Really? That’s definitely specific enough… Wait… No… Also, it’s not like any of you would seriously use these sprites for anything other than Match Game.

A Dragon with a Crown? Find some random Final Fantasy Dragon, and put a crown on it.

A Locke recolor? Then recolor him yourself? It’s not hard at ALL to do recolors, especially in Paint.

Something for Pierson? Well, why not go find a sprite, and add a monocle to make him British. Or, oh, I dunno, find a clean picture of Mr. Peanut. He’s British enough.

I’m sorry you are so offended by my request 984, but some people don’t have mad spriting skills like you do.

i knew you’d say that

or maybe

Seriously guys, do them yourself. It’s easy to do a recolor, even in Paint. Just ask 984, my work wasn’t the best but christ did I do them.

What happened to that kuh-razy Megaman modification you used to have?

it was too kuh-razy i guess

<img SRC=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/epicgamer/Pierson.gif”>

What’s that there in his right hand?

Tea. Or if you mean your right, a cane. For cane fighting.

I agree that spriting isn’t hard, but some people are <i>very</i> lazy.

I will actually do a sprite requests if someone can give me something specific. And if I feel like it.

My sprites too different from any currently existing sprite for me to make a recolor. This faceset will have to do.