Spring Break!

Come and gone. Didn’t do much, other than almost getting banned from getting online. I did go to a space museum and and imax theater for the first time, though. ^^

I had mine last March.

We get two weeks off over Easter :yipee:

Summer break starts in April (or May if you have late exams) and ends in August (September if you want to be super technical)

That’s not cool… that’s like, two months longer than any summer break around here… Arrarararar.

That’s why canadians are stupid :smiley:

Aren’t you in high school? One week in university is like one year of high school. >>

Finally! My spring break has come! Time to celebrate!

Well, then again, celebrating can take a lot out of you… so, maybe I’ll just take a nap… then play some video games. :cool:

One week is hardly enough… well, at least I can relax a bit. I can’t wait for the summer vacation though.

It’s already gone by. But Easter vacation is coming up

I’ve got another week.

Good for you, I dont want to be a part of your crap