Spring Break!

Rawr. What is everyone doing for Spring Break, if anything?

I’m mostly gonna be working, then I think I’m going to New Orleans or something.

But yea, school blows floppy donkey dick.

Spring Break? What Spring Break? Mines already over :too bad; .

Sleeping all day, partying all night!!! WOOOOOO!!! Actually I’m probably just gonna hang out with some friends most of the time.

Only three more days of school for me until springbreak :yipee:

But i dont got much planed for it,maybe anything that i get a chance to do.

Spring Break? come and gone, my friend, come and gone.

And y’all know already what I did. Hung with some of you guys. Fun!

Nothing that I know of anyway. I don’t do any planning during holidays.

Wow, the last spring break thread just died off, and now there’s another one for next year already! Well, next march, I’ll be uh… Crap, I can’t see that far ahead ;_;

Easter! Gotta remember easter.

Well Hades, next year, if I’m not working, I could go down to your place! We could umm… do very hetersexual stuff.

I don’t have Spring Break.

I get 3 official days of school off.
I’m going to be partying with friends, hopefully. I get my license (hopefully, yet again) tuesday :smiley:

Mine’s NEXT week. I do just randomly get Thursday off though, which is kinda weird :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m already on summer break though (today’s the first day).

Oh, yeah, guess I should mention I’m done with school for the summer by wednesday. No school until September.

Damn you kids. My spring break is long gone, and I miss it so very much. It was the happiest week of my whole life, and I wanna go baaaack…

Feck, summer doesn’t start in April. Wtf is wrong with you? Is it some Canadian thing? :ah-ha!: I’m not done till the end of May…

Psh, school doesn’t end for me until the middle of June.

Already happened. I slept and surfed.

Mine staerts friday. Well, technically, next monday, but we also got friday off for some reason, so yay. And I’m probably gonna do some experiments that involve babies and gravity. (Note: I REALLY don’t like kids.)

I only get one day off.

(fucking teacher strike)

Wasn’t there already a spring break thread?

Mine’s over as well. I visited my girlfriend, did an overnight at a potentional transfer college, and went skiing in Vermont.