Spoony Experiment Review of Final Fantasy X


So yeah. Just thought I’d mention it, seeing as how it saves me from grinding through FFXIII a few more precious minutes. groan

BTW, if you missed his Final Fantasy VIII review, watch it. Probably one of the funniest reviews of any game ever. I just hope it doesn’t take THREE YEARS like VIII.

Goddamn he just goes on and on…and on. Way too long. AVGN he is not. I agree whole heartedly about the character designs though. FFX started Shitsuya Nomura’s streak of drawing whatever the fuck came to his head regardless of whether it made sense or not. FFX’s still isn’t as bad as what would come later, but it’s still horrible. And while the other stuff he brings up is worth mentioning, it’s not worth going on for 20 fucking minutes.

I find Spoony to be hit-or-miss. Thankfully, imo, he hits more than he misses, but when he’s not funny, he’s NOT_FUNNY.

Man, these videos are too long for their own good. I watched the last video of FFVIII (which included about half the game? I don’t even want to see what he did in the other 9 videos) and, luckily enough, it had the orphanage scene. It’s always funny watching people share their thoughts on the orphanage.

The last video was him rushing through what was left of the game, which I thought was kinda bad since he just kinda steamrolled through the real meat of the turd that is the game. I’m glad he did address the fucking antenna issue, that always seemed retarded to me and nobody else seemed to find it weird.

I’m not quite so into the FFX review by simple virtue that I just don’t agree with some of the things (Yes, Blitzball is silly, but within the acceptably ridiculous margin, not rage-for-two-minutes-straight silly) and how much he loathes Tidus. I know he’s not alone in it, but a relatively awkward but well-intentioned and cheerful guy who occasionally scowls when hearing his dad’s name, who is consistently portrayed as having been an unspeakable douchebag of a father… well, I just can’t really hate him that much. Not exactly my favourite character either, not particularly badass and yes, there’s the goddamn HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA scene, but all it takes me is to remember that these people also made fucking SQUALL and suddenly, Tidus actually seems pretty nice.

why do they call it final fantasy, there are like 50 games. :smug:

Ha! You’re right. I NEVER thought of that before!

To me, each game was the ultimate fantastic adventure of each setting- thus its “final” fantasy. But they ruined that when they started doing sequels. -_-

It’s even funnier when you consider the entire reason it was called “Final Fantasy.” It was supposed to be the “Final” game before Square shut down, and they did a “Fantasy” because they had maybe a hundred yen and a shoebox full of hairballs and broken shoelaces to work with. Then it went and sold a couple bajillion copies, and the developers were too lazy to change the name.

So, in total, we have a series of games, based off of what was going to be the swan song for a company that pretty much produced absolute shit for almost its entire existence. Heh.

That’s a bit weird, considering that up until the end of the first cd the game is pretty focused. I can see plenty of things to bitch about on the second cd (total lack of direction, for instance), but fastforwarding the Ultimecia stuff just shows lack of discipline.

On the contrary, there’s QUITE a lot of nonsensical bullshit going on in Disc 1, you’re just more willing to give the game the benefit of the doubt because you mistakenly think it will have some meaning or purpose later on. Like the whole bullshit regarding the antenna, or the Timber segment, or everything that goes on during Edea’s assassination.

Actually, the main reason he rushed through was because that was going to be his last video. His camera and mic were breaking down and he didn’t have the money to replace them. At the same time, his website was being deleted a page at a time by his former webhost. That’s more or less why he burns through the rest of the discs, covering only a few of the bigger gripes. It doesn’t excuse a lack of professionalism, but it at least gives a reason. Oh, and he was at least kind enough to hit that damn orphanage scene. Most retarded. Plot twist. Ever.

Like I said, I just made this thread to kill more time before daring to go back into FFXIII. I actually thought this was a pretty poor start. He went off on subplots that had absolutely nothing to do with the game (the whole Clone Spoony/Black Lantern Spoony thread should be dead and buried by now), and he wasted most of the video bitching on Tidus. Yes, our hero is a whiny, effeminate emo, but you don’t need to spend half of the video AND repeat the exact same gag twice within a minutes time to show it. Maybe it’s just because the game isn’t just BAD like FFVIII (which, even then, isn’t all that horrible compared to other RPGs of the time), but whatever.

Or maybe it’s cast in a better light by the rest of the game. To be frank, I just don’t remember.

edit: Basically,as d kindly points out, if you have a scene that is so ill thought like the orphanage (and Ms “I’ve been doing all this to you all along -from the PAST” Ultimecia), the most egregious parts tend to overshadow the rest.

The funny part is that, all in all, I still like VIII.

I rather enjoy Spoony’s reviews of these games. I get the feeling it’s kind of like Catharsis for him. Even though I liked FFX, I can understand most of his concern. I do agree that the biggest source of my disdain for this game is anything involving blitzball. Be it the game, the players, the obsession, anything related to it.

Indeed. One of the shining moments of this is at the end of Disk 1 when Quistis’s realizes that she would have a better chance at getting into Rinoa’s skirt by apologizing to her for scolding her on account of her being a spoiled brat only to forget that she is, in fact, a spoiled brat who promptly locks her, Zell, and Selphie into a room with no way out save for the game’s mandatory sewer level (despite the window being there with plenty of stuff to break it open with) all the while, a fucking assassination attempt is underway that those idiots were supposed to be part of rather than apologizing to the game’s equivalent of the princess for telling her that she was being stupid.

Of course, none of this matters, as Rinoa still stupidly tries to apply a “Magic” ring to a mega-death sorceress, with exactly as much success as one would expect from such a sad-half-assed plan, Quistis and crew manages to drop the gate in the nick of time for their target to realize that she’s in danger and cockblocks Irvine bullet, forcing Squall to Zerg Rush Edea instead which results in him going out in the blazeblu of icy glory only to wind up strapped to a crucifix shape torture device thingy instead. Epic fail indeed.

In that light, Squall doesn’t look nearly as badly as he’s been painted up to be for all these years, due entirely to the fact that he’s surrounded by morons. Really the worst thing that Squall does is finally relent to all the bullshit that he’s been given throughout the game. It’s like that one episode of The Adventures of Batman and Robin where Batman is caught in a series of deathtraps each more deadly than the last with the only way out being the condition that he relinquishes his cowl and mask which he finally does (of course, even though he does so he’s got another mask under his mask, and unlike FFVIII, it turns out that the Batman was the one pulling the villain’s strings all along because he’s The Goddamn Batman).