Spoiled brats

Just read most of the posts on this thread:

Happy holydays

I wonder what these guys got for Christmas


I hope you realize how lucky are we (most of RPGC members) to live in the countries where being spoiled by gifts is the norm.
Do They Know It’s Christmas song , made for Africa’s famine relief in 1984 was just re-released 20 years later. Nothing changed meanwhile. Children are still starving. Just think about it, when you make a Christmas wish-list next time.
I am not here to preach, since I am a spoiled brat just like most of you here.

Maybe I’ll buy the record.

Unhappy Commercialismas.

Don’t put ‘I’m not here to preach’ when you are.

You think the singers care? Or the record company? Or the producers who made the song? Or the people who buy it? Do you know how much money is actually going to the people of Africa from the song? The people of Africa, not the rulers of Africa, who couldn’t give a shit about their populace and put the money into Switlerland and Munich?

It looks like they all got lots of servings of turkey.

If your the incarnate of Mother Teresa, shut up and go to help the starving, dying, war-torn people of Africa. Don’t look down your nose at us for gasp actually not complaining or debating about something for once. This isn’t a goddamn political board, so SIT DOWN AND DRINK YOUR GODDAMN TEA!

For a second there, I thought it was directed to me. :<

That always bothered me. I think about those kids when I get my eyebrows waxed, when I clean out my closet and dresser and complain about having no clothes, and I especially think about them when I’m tucked snuggly inside of a snowstorm, with plenty of food, heat, and comfort on Christmas day. That doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge that I am a very fortunate, if not, spoilt little girl, and that I don’t feel extremely guilty over my life, and the opportunities I have. I’m blessed to live with such guilt, because that’s all I have. I’d rather live with that, than malnutrition, or a worm in my tummy, or no clothes.

Yeah all of us here are spoiled. Some of us have crummy lives, but we are rich to those little kids and people out there in the world that would kill someone else for 10 dollars. And sometimes, all we can do is just acknowledge that. I do, everyday of my life, and I’m damn thankful for my education, access to food and water, and everything else that makes me a Canadian. But I know I’m capable of doing more. All it takes is one person to start a movement; spark some awareness. Maybe if I wasn’t such a coward, to shatter my norms and to speak out against the poverty in this world, some people would be living better because of it. But I don’t know. Call me crazy to say all of this, but I don’t know. But I do know that even though I am ignorant, I don’t pretend it’s not happening…

Eva, you’re awesome.

I’m grateful for the gifts I get, and as Eva said, I can’t help but think of them all the time.

Thanks guys. I have been having conscience attacks lately and it felt nice to vent. Maybe because I’m getting older, I become more appreciative of what I have, unlike many other people in the world today. But is it better to reflect upon the diseases of the world that are manmade, in shame, or is it better to remain oblivious to what really happens…?

Option A. I think.

Still, you’re fucking awesome.

I’m aware there are less fortunate than myself, and I’m extremely thankful that I’m not as badly-off as them, but I’m not going to change things right now, not from apathy, but from lack of knowledge and funds.

I noticed that you got rid of your “Paine” avatar. Well, i love you anyhow. How did you know that i drink tea?

Ok, i am not buying the record. I’ll just download the song.

Yes, she is!

I pray everyday (yeah, though my actions make it seem otherwise, I’m not an atheist) thanking for all I have, in contrast to those people who have near to nothing.

Though I live as if I were in a 1st world country, I live in a 3rd world. That allows me to see poverty from a closer point of view. Ever since a little kid I felt a great sadness in my heart for all the poverty around.

When I was a kid and a small teenager I would preach in family or school meetings about how we are spoiled by gifts and parties. When I was 14 I joined a group in the local catholic church* that took assistance to poor families, not only in giving them foods, clothes & other goods and preaching, but also formal education and help in getting freed from addictions like alcohol, drugs and gambling. We also helped gathering donations for places like orphanages and houses that assisted children with cancer.

In this group, I had one of the most painful lessons ever: that people are only charitable in the few days of November and December that come before Christmas. For the rest of the year, they don’t think about the needy, if they think about the needy at all. For me, a 14/15-year-old idealist, it was a shock seeing that people didn’t think like me on this subject.

Though I’m not in that group anymore, I’m still an idealist. I also want to attack this bad from its root. Those people don’t have a rich Christmas like us because they are poor. They are poor because they don’t have money, and that comes from not having a good job. So far, these things have been the most obvious possible. Now, in order to give them not only a better Christmas, but a better life, they need better jobs, and for them to get it, they need better formal education. Sure, they’ll need security, health and money that must come from somewhere else for that. But education is a key point. I say so because my father invested huge amounts of time and money educating more people than I could count, and these were people who lived in misery. He made it with the sole objective of giving those people a better life, and he was almost 100% efficient in achieving it. Now all of those people acknowledge him as nearly their father too. I intend to do exactly the same. I believe that’s what I was born for.

Sorry for a long, kinda off-topic post. I just felt like putting this out because I was touched by the topic. I get all gloomy and talky whenever people talk about poverty in the world or when I see misery.

Back to topic, these last few months I helped an old beggar to get his remedies and go back to his hometown (though he keeps coming back) and payed his meals in a restaurant. A woman helped him getting some documents he needed for retirement, since he had the right to one for all the time he worked. He’s only a beggar because ever since he lost his last job decades ago he never got another one. Less personally, I also made a few small donations to charity groups and gave away a few clothes, new and old, that I had.

  • Yeah, I know, I’ve made lots of attacks against the church so far. But I must also acknowledge that in the lower levels of the church there is a minority of people who does get into action towards doing good to this world. Those are the people I respect and share bread and labor with.

Edit: Eva, just for having the conscience and heart that you have, you surely are a person full of light.

#1 The new band-aid song fucking SUCKS. DON’T buy it, buy the DVD of Live Aid instead. It costs more so you’re giving more money to them and it’s a COMPLETELY better product so it’s win-win.

#2 It’s their own damn fault for being born into poverty, I mean it kinda makes sense to NOT be born somewhere where you’re not gonna get fed regularly.

#3 Yeah, even if some of us don’t have problems like these guys, we have problems that can be as large or even WORSE in scale to these guys. At least these ones’ll die early and not have to suffer for as long as some of us do. There’ll ALWAYS be someone worse off than you in one way or another, but so what, let them deal with it, I already have enough of my own fucking problems to deal with.

I fucking DESPISE it when people use emotional blackmail like this shit. Get the fuck off your high horse.

Urkani, you are an idiot. how many neurons does it take for someone to realize that people don’t choose the country and family where they are born?

Another point: you are probably the best example of spoiled person we have here, because you don’t understand the magnitude of those people’s problems. It doesn’t matter what kind of problem you have, you yourself can solve it. Now, what kind of problem you have that could be worse than having to struggling for a meal in a daily basis? No teen angst generating factor, for sure. If you want to do yourself a favor, disguise as a beggar and go live among them for a day, or a week if you have the balls for it. And do live like them, don’t cheat by taking a shower, sleeping on a bed, having a meal at home or anything like that. Live only with what you get from begging. Then you’ll get the measure of these people’s problems. Only that you’ll probably just see the lifestyle of a beggar in London, which are tycoons compared to people in Africa & some parts of South Asia and South America.

Don’t tell me I know nothing of how they live Ren, I’ve been to these fucking countries in Africa. I’ve helped homeless people here in London for the past three christmas’ with a group called Crisis. I’m sorry, but I’d just like to vent since someone here obviously thinks they can preach about this shit without being through it himself.

Now, another thing, would you consider someone struggling to find a meal on a daily basis a worse problem than someone losing the person they love to an accident out of their hands? To a woman giving birth to a stillborn baby? To someone being kidnapped as a young child, kept captive for years being sexually, physically and mentally abused for years? What makes someone’s problems worse than another’s? I’m sorry, but I don’t judge people by their problems, I judge people by how they deal with them. Just because this African poverty has been force-fed down our throats for years doesn’t mean they’re the only people who have it hard in the world.

Oh, BTW, I’m far from spoiled, I’m pretty much the opposite if I do say so myself. I hardly ever ask for anything, and if I do, I make sure to repay quickly and in kind.

Actually, that stomach condition has something to due with malnutrition. Somehow, the type of malnutrition Africans typically go through causes that stomach bloating. However, their faces and limbs should look rather weak and malnourished.

I’m sure women in Africa and southeast asia give birth to still borns; moreso than western women since they have no hospitals, and end up watching their children die since they are unable to feed them and cure their aids. I get that we in developed countries have just as many problems, but we’re talking about basic survival needs, Urk, like access to food, water, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education…not losing a loved one or being kidnapped, and abused, although I’m sure that happens a lot during wars over in the east, women being held for rape purposes only, children being violated by being given guns…

I think what Ren meant was that we have a chance. Yes, we have our own problems, but at least we have the basic necessities to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, all I’m saying is that people shouldn’t go around saying that we should be thankful for what we’ve got because we could have worse.

All of us know this, none of us can stand it and it always eats away at us, so we don’t need reminding of it when people think that they are so morally higher than us that they think they can emotionally blackmail us like that. There is hardly anything we can do directly for those people in Africa anyway, but we can do something directly to our own problems. Of anyone should be made to feel guilty about all this shit that’s almost completely OUT OF OUR HANDS it’s the people with immense amounts of money or power that can actually make a dent in the problems facing these people. I’ll carry on doing my bit helping homeless people, but sorry, me and my loved ones come first.