Spider sense tingling...

…Or is Peter just happy to see MJ?

For the record, I unfortunately live a few thousands of miles away from where you can find these lovely beasts.

Also for the record it’s still Fox News, which means that there’s probably some detail about some kind of permanent bodily damage or some other kind of minor inconsistancy that they neglected to mention, which they’ll later accredit to some kind of wacky conspiracy theory.

Of course, this doesn’t sound like the type of news they would lie about. But you never know. >.>

Not a fully realiable source as well, but clarifies the points you mentioned:

I’ve read about this spider in the past, including the erection causing venom, but so far I hadn’t seen it being used for medicines. An old man I knew who used to live in the rain forest told me it’s not a good boner, but rather one that hurts like you had actually been bitten there.

Priceless, either way.