i really need help, i got to write a speech for my english class and i have no idea what to do it can any one help me get a good topic?

Well it depends on your marking criteria and what your teacher is looking for…

i have no idea what marking criteria means and i only needs a speech on anything at all

Marking criteria is what you get evaluated on and what you’re supposed to focus on.

And well, if you’re asking us for any suggestion, you may as well not even ask us if you’re going to be so broad and unspecific. Could you narrow it down a little bit please?What did your teacher tell you to do? Just find a topic and go at it? I very much doubt that, you must have some guidelines, even if it is a free speech.

Some topics can go on and on and on and aren’t fit for small class presentations. Also it helps to talk about something you’re interested in.

o well only thing he said id had to be argumentative and persuasive that the only things i could think of along those lines:fungah:

Ok well that’s a bit better. Well then, are you actually presenting a speech or debating?

If you’re giving a speech and stuck on a topic…just think about something that matters to you, and try to convince others to see it in the same light as you do. If the objective of the speech is to get a point across, you don’t want to cram anything down anyone’s throats…so do you have a particular belief about something that may be different in another’s eyes? This could be anything to you.

Write about something that needs to be communicated to others. Do you have any restrictions on your arguement? I would imagine you have those, considering all the wacky (and unappropriate) shit high school students can come up with. Talk about something you’re passionate about.

Explain further if you wish.

ok i think i may have one in mind thanks