Speaking of Bush and Satan

Nulani, please translate.
Does the article say that George and his daughter Jenna are Satan worshippers?

tusen takk Nulani :wink:

George W. Bush is fucking metal.

Given this sentence “Tegnet er nemlig en hyldningsgest til universitetets fotballag Texas Longhorns,” I’m apt to believe that they’re just talking about the Texas Longhorns. You know, the football school in the Big 12. Won this year’s Rose Bowl. Big controversy over Mack Brown begging for votes,

I know. But check the title- Satan is mentioned.

Derfor viste Bush «satantegnet»

It probably says something like “Is Bush a Satanist?! Here he is throwing up the horns, a common Satan hand symbol. Wait. No. It’s just the Texas Longhorns symbol. Go Horns!”

(Although, all I have to say is “What time is it in Dallas? 10 to 9. Alright.”)

Many viewers were shocked when George W. Bush and his daughter Jenna displayed what resembled a Sign of Satan under the inauguration sermony, Thursday.

Just us Norwegians who don’t know Texas Longhorns are Satan.

Tusen takk Nulani. That is why i love Norway.
En ol vær så snill?
god natt :wink:

Still wonder why he’d be throwing up the “hook 'em, 'Horns!” hand sign. Since, you know, he went to Yale, not UT. He’s about as much of a Longhorn as I am.

Unless… did Jenna go to Texas? Anybody know?

Yeah. Jenna is a Longhorns alumn now. As for Dubya, well, it probably just fits into his whole Texan motif aside from the fact that he’s from, you know, Connecticut.

“En øl, vær så snill?”
If you’re to talk Norwegian, get it right!

Does anyone realize how disgraceful it is to Satan to associate Bush with him?

He makes a living from sweeping floors. He’s not really in any position to be disgraced any further.

Seifer says: “En ol vær så snill”
Nulani says: “En øl, vær så snill”
So, i failed? Maybe it was just a typo?
What if i say this: “jeg elsker deg”.

Am i wrong?

The feeling isn’t mutual. Go away.

stupid longhorn stealing our secret communication network