SPAMBOT Invasion!

Right this minute there is close to 150 or more SPAM bots registering!!! I think we are in the process of a major take over! Something needs to be done!

Attack of the Clones: RPGC edition!

Everyone register a second, or even third account! We need to raise a clone army to battle this mechanical threat!

There isn’t much to be done, unfortunately. The only thing that truly works is closing the registration process.

Do it. We havent had any newbies of any kind of quality since 2001.

You do notice that your join date is 07 Jan 2002? xD

@Nulani: Yeah, I know… I just thought it was epic when around 150 were registering at the same time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of us were around long before our registration dates


Yeah, I know… geez, I was trying to make a witty remark and it backfired! ^^;

@Charlemagne: Lol! I love that pic! …but this time you’re getting it!

I see you went with the hi res version, nice.

I think you’re old enough now to know that once upon a time there was this forum for a site named RPGClassics. Then a great purging happened and many posts were lost to the ages. Then the site was rebuilt until a second purge 6 years later. Thankfully the posts of before were saved in almost their entirety from before the second great purge all due to the lessons learned from the past.

The first purge happened back in 2002. A lot of the old timers who’s registration dates date back to that time were here well before even that.

@Killmore: Yeah, I already said I’m well aware of that. I’ve read the RPGC history section completely, twice! ^^ (not to say I remember everything… lol!) I was just joking with that comment! Geez, I can’t believe everyone’s taking it seriously! xD

…so much for that! :confused:

The second purge was in 2003. We haven’t had one in quite a while.

I was referring to that incident a few years back that motivated the change of the front page to what it is today. Perhaps purge was not the proper term.



It wasn’t a purge since we managed to rescue everything. It was pretty close though.

You two need to get a room.

Lo!L! Charle is so funnaaaaay