Soul Calibur 2....


I agree.
I’ve been playing almost non-stop since I got it (45 minutes ago :P)

Yes. Yes, it does.
I don’t like the voice acting, though. Or the bouncing breasts and Taki’s protruding nipples.

If you go to the sound settings option, you can switch the voices between English and Japanese. That might help a bit.

And Nightmare pwns all.

Ooh…that helps a lot. Thanks.

I want this game SO MUCH! Haven’t got it…

It’s all about Kilik and Nightmare.

I get a demo of it soon… I know it’s not like the full thing but I can’t wait to play it.

dude, Raphael is where its at.

I have a whole round of characters that I’ve basically mastered, Kilik, Astaroth, Xinghua, Heihachi, and Maxi :smiley:

Once again, I must express words to the effect that I’ve already got enough reasons to wish I had a GameCube. :wink: Unfortunately, my parents are going to make me pay for it if I get one …

Why? For Link? Psh. Heihachi > Link.

You play who you like and I’ll play who I like.

Link stands out a lot. You’ve got all those realistic-looking characters, and then… LINK. I mean, look at those EYES. They’re WEIRD! And he screams a lot. It’s kinda creey. Like, Voldo creepy. >.>

At least Link has business in a weapon-based fighting game, whereas Heiachi does not.

I heard Heihachi is broken as hell anyway, so weaponless or not he still pwns.

Heihachi is so broken. Personally, I don’t think any of the extra characters have a place in the game.

Hooray for Xianghua. And Sophie. And Mina

Heihachi uses Iron Knuckles, and he is a really fast character.

He seems to fit into the mood of the game and Link doesn’t.

He uses gauntlests doesn’t he?

Yes Heihachi uses Gaunts.

I like him, he’s fast. I don’t see him as broken though :-\