Soul Caliber II - Picking back up an Old Gem

A friend of mine I made a few months back is REALLY into SCII for the 'cube. I picked it up over the weekend so I wouldn’t lose as much, and ever since playing an unhealthy dose of Guilty Gear X2 and AC, I’ve been wanting to get back into the 3d brawler.

I traded it in last time because it’s the only game ever to make me SO angry enough to grit my teeth, bite my tongue, burp, and nearly shit/piss myself into an anger induced coma. But I’m up for second chances.

I’m coming back with Xiangua and Seung Mina, perhaps some Yoshimitsu.

Who all got down and dirty with this “back in the day”?

(I don’t want to pick up SCIII because of the memory card glitch I keep hearing about… that and I heard it’s tres fustrating from the second installment.)

My friend and I used to play it long hours into the night. We first played it at Fry’s Electronics. He chose Maxi. I chose Raphael. The trash-talking began, and long after I eventually bought it, it didn’t end. We carried that rivalry with those characters for quite some time. Then I learned Kilik’s long-range pole attacks which he dismissed as “cheap” until he learned how to whoop me with Nightmare.

I love that game. It was the first game, as far as I can remember, that I owned that was truly developed for a multiplayer experience. As popular as I was at school, friends never came over very often because I lived kind of far. Summers consisted of being alone with my videogames and perhaps a few books or two. I hated the summer because I’m such a people person, but that summer I had my friend, a great video game, and counless experiences. Heck, that summer was also the first one I had to go through without my father; he was in Iraq. So, it all happened just at the right time.

I’m not a nerd or anything. I just really liked that game. As a matter of fact, I should put in my PS3 just to see how it looks in 1080p. I won’t be buying Soul Calibur 4 though; now everyone’s at college, then again, I still have DQ8 and FFXII to beat.

Best time I had with SC2 was when I played several Charade vs Charade fights consecutively in random stages, and it was more fun trying to figure out what we were playing than the actual fights themselves.

I too had the GC version and for that reason Link was my favorite. (he was the most broken character in all three versions with some of the best ranged moves in the game and paired up with his Great Fairy Sword he was nigh unto unstoppable) Otherwise it was Taki with I believe Cassandra coming in third.

My first multiplayer game was Super Mario Bros. unless you don’t count games that simply alternated between players which would have made it Super Mario Bros 3 instead. (For the Mario Bros. segments. It was the first game to remake MB, though I’m not too sure if the GBA version of that game still has those competitions.)

The favorite game of my friend when we reunite is playing beat em ups (that I don’t own) and watching me lose till I break into berserk mode (in game) or find a few ‘broken’ combos. Soul Calibur 2 was one of the worst offenders heheh

Don’t know if it’s just me but I find Kilik easier to use than other characters. Sometimes I’ll just spin the joystick and press some buttons and he’ll do this awesome combo. People hate me for it.

Yeah, Kilik and Maxi were both like that, damned cheap ass characters… :stuck_out_tongue:

I really enjoyed using Yunsung, but mostly just because no one else liked him lol. I got to where I could kick some serious ass with him. I HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE Voldo! You never know what the hell is coming, you know?

Ivy, Berserker, and Voldo. I like the ones with obvious issues.

:too bad: Lizardman is my favorite, stinks that i can’t use him in story mode. Other than him, mostly anyone who isn’t human.