SotN on XBOX

Symphony of the Night Heads to XBLA
Castlevania is heading to Xbox Live Arcade.
By Luke Smith, 08/03/2006
UPDATE: For clarification, the version of Symphony of the Night that will appear on Xbox Live is not the Sega Saturn version of the title, it is the PlayStation version. Furthermore, nothing from Konami has indicated that SOTN’s appearance on XBLA will keep the title exclusive to Microsoft’s Live Arcade.

ORIGINAL STORY: Kaz Hirai’s triumphant warcry of “Riiiiiidge Racer” on the PSP led people to believe other key PSOne titles would soon be heading to the PSP via emulation. Apparently Konami missed the memo, as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is making its way to Xbox Live Arcade.

The September issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (issue: 207) reports:

Konami is resurrecting the cult PS1 game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on Xbox Live Arcade. Along with SOTN, Konami is also bringing back other classic hits, some revered (Frogger, Contra, Super Contra, Track & Field) some obscure (Time Pilot), and some really obscure (Scramble). 

When will SOTN head to XBLA? Representatives from Konami told 1UP that the game is tenatively slated for a Q1 2007 release on XBLA.

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Wow. Just wow.

Heard from that its going to be a faithful port with the only changes being achievments and a leader board.

Competivily beating the hell out of SotN. Sign me up.

Personally, I’d be more excited if it was Rondo of Blood they were talking about instead of SotN. :frowning:

This is pretty cool. I don’t have XBox Live, but a cousin of mine does. I played a it a bit and I loved it. The games play well and are pretty cheap.

I’m loving how easy this generation of consoles is making backwards compaibility and giving us a second chance on some games we may have missed. While, the PS3 does let you download PSX games, it isn’t as cool as XBox Live Arcade since you can only play the games on the PSP (if you could transfer the games between the PSP and PS3, then that would be awesome).

You should mention that XBox Live Arcade is an XBox360 feature - SotN is going to be available to people with an XBox360, not an XBox.

Glad I still have my PSX version.

Haven’t played it for a bit, either. And recently playing Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin have me a hankerin’…

I heard about this a few months back. Damn, I want a 360 now. I’ve got a copy of SOTN, but it’s about 10 years old now. Frankly, I’d rather they bring out the sega version; it’s got Maria as a playable character, an extra level, more items…

But surely this version’ll have some additions, right?

Live arcade is such an insanely cool feature of the 360 and SotN is just the cherry on top of the cake- a cake that also includes such goodies as Lumines, Doom and Worms.