SotN item gone missing?

Okay, I have checked the local shrine concerning Castlevania: SotN. I have done a Google search. I have scoured both castles twice! I still can’t find the Beryl Circlet. Does anyone know where it is, or what enemy drops it (its not listed with the monster drops in the shrine)? I am trying to get every item, and the Beryl Circlet alone stands in my way.
:bowser: Does anyone out there know this one, or am I simply going to have to weep?

Quoting ZKeene’s guide from Gamefaqs:

Q) Where is the Jewel Sword/Beryl Circlet?
Q) How do I get to the room to the left of the room with the large rock in
the Entrance?
A) In the Entrance there is a large room with a rock in the middle (and
mermen leaping around below). Break through the rock, then fly through
it one way in Bat form and then return in Wolf form. This will open up
the bottom left wall, which leads to a small room with the Jewel Sword.

You can also get a Jewel Sword as a rare drop from the Discus Lord in the

Doing the same rock trick in the inverted castle will get you the Beryl

Thank you.
Bless you.
I love you.

I have now explored every room, found every item, and fought every monster. The game clock stopped ticking, and all thats left is to hit level 99… like that is even close to possible.