Sorry, guys, but I need to talk aboout this somewhere.

Wil: How about this. I’ll seek honest, professional help, when you make up with your sister.

Free Faller: I wouldn’t say I haven’t had a suicidal thought since I was twelve. I said I haven’t had one of this magnitude. The other times have been pretty bad, too, often even while on the pills. It’s mainly when I have time to think, that the depression sets in.

Ah, the benefits of SDRs. Btw if you’re the best she’s ever seen that’s a compliment. The majority of theater roles aren’t “sun’s shining, birds chirping” anyway :wink:

Oh, I know. Besides, they’re the characters that are most fun, and I’m having a ball with Dr. lyman. I get to be egotistical, sarcastic, and so on. I jsut wish my other cast members were as dedicated as I am. there’s a cast of either - five men, three women - and half of them don;t know their lines, when we go onstage in about three weeks. I’m ready to kill them. Last week, all four of them were late for rehearsal by ten minutes because they were busy memorizing the lines they should already know in the cafeteria. makes me want to scream.

Anyway, thanks, everyone, for showing concern. I’m feeling better now, although depression has given way to mild irritation at stuff. But at least now I can slice a sandwich without worry! Glad I got you guys. Defintiely have helped me over the last… what, almsot five years now? Shit, I’m getting old.

Glad you’re feling a better. I used to get pretty depressed and, while I wasn’t quite at the level you described, I found setting a long to term goal helps majorly. Something challenging, probably years in the making, but still attainable.

Man, it sucks when we people get this way, don’t it? And it is something I can relate to…though I’ve never actually gotten so far as actively trying suicide, I was on a razor edge for a long time.

And funnily enough, here is where I found my first acceptance too. Since then I’ve gotten RL friends and shit, and life is pretty good, but I still have the occasional bout as well.

Just something we gotta deal with, and I’m glad you didn’t choose the easy way out.

Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I’m glad you’re feeling better.

Well since you still seem to be receiving home remedies for bouts of depression I think I’ll throw in my $0.02 despite my tardiness.

The way I would deal with depression is to stop thinking about whatever I was thinking about at the moment and go for a walk to preferably someplace I know to be quiet, calm, relaxing, or some mix of the three. But then again that just how I deal with bouts of depression and it may not work best for you.

well, live and learn…at least you lived:thud:

The funny thing is I had a bit of a nervous breakdown yesterday. Don’t worry. You’re in good company.

I know what you mean about therapy.
I find I have some kind of weird mental issue that causes me to either not talk or lie my butt off to psychiatrists.
I am bi-polar but not severely by the by.
I get incredibly depressed for no real reason or go into a manic state which isn’t fun either and can end in complete physical exhaustion.
I am in no way certified to help anyone and mental illness, even the same type, effects people differently. But I find it helps when I’m depressed to make plans or concentrate on plans to do with future events and the like. event trivial things seem to keep me stable enough to not end up doing something unfortunate.

event trivial things seem to keep me stable enough to not end up doing something unfortunate.



I have trouble coming up with something thoughtful to say, partially because I’ve had similar experiences.


Yes, that’s enough of that.