This site’s still being paid for.


Last time I checked, it still paid for itself.

Well, that’s a double-shock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So is it just the forums that are dead? I only see one new thread in 2016… and 984 being 984 isn’t really activity.

Out of curiosity, how many people still contribute to the wiki? It’s probably not news to anyone that this place is in need of some revitalization, but are there actually plans for that?

Because I’ve got LOADS of downward-spiral-despiraling ideas!

  1. Bring back Carnage Red for the forums! Or just… literally anything but this awful vb4 style. This is something I’d be willing to do myself if it’s not pointlessly complex. It may sound silly, but the places where people go to socialize need a certain amount of sex appeal, I shit you not. New users (do we still get those?) would care about this, and we make 4chan look professional.

  2. Convert EVERYTHING to the new wiki format, and fix that format! Okay, I realize that’s kinda asking the universe, but if this place still gets enough visitors to pay for itself, there must be a way to attract some of them. Young people, who have the kind of time and interest in old games that we used to. Or even just bored old people. No matter how I think about it, it’s a people problem. That’s not to say this place should become a poor man’s GameFAQs, but any kind of consistency would be better than the awkward husk that exists right now. If nothing else the main site could be a bit less… Times New Roman-y?

So that’s like… two ideas. The first one enormously inadequate and the second one good but petrifyingly hard. That’s “loads” right?

I don’t think anyone would seriously entertain the idea that RPGC can be huge at this point, but why not at least “dignified”?

Speaking of dignified, can I get a name change? Not that I don’t ADORE Hades Vulvuhzela, but why not just Hades? Or just Vulva? The main thing is that this one’s long to type, and hardish to remember D:

Well in theory, there should be a few new years on the Main Site.

BTW if you want to talk about Education, you should probably be made aware that people who go to law school are generally looked upon as stupider than people who don’t.

This hot piece of ass still fetches top tolar on the Slovenian (football team is clearly superior to the US team) darkweb craigslist.

Zepp created that thread.

No one is contributing to the Wiki. More people are, in fact, contributing and maintaining the old shrines.

Also, no one should spend time trying to skin vBulletin 4. It needs replacement not polish. And no, we’re not getting new users - I have had to disable registrations, otherwise we would be drowning in spam.

Really? What antispambot measures were you running, Nulani? I’ve had incredible luck on my site with some simple logic-based questions to filter them out… though granted I get far, far less traffic than RPGC does. I’m still running vB 3.7, though. Even so, I went from 5-10 spambots a day to just one in the last 5 months.

Also yeah, take it from someone who knows. The longer you sit in a holding pattern, the harder it is to break out of it. If RPGC is to be active again, action needs to be taken. Perhaps an email sent out to all the members who have left over time, letting them know it’s still here and they’re wanted back. Perhaps some work on the main site one possible idea would be to build a CMS into the forum and move the main site onto that, so it’s more integrated. vB4 has that capability natively, and there is also vBadvanced. Though really, the biggest driver of activity is activity. The more things that people see are going on, the more they’ll want to be a part of it.

So we’re looking at Ornstein and Smough level difficulty at this point?

We do not want to base anything on vBulletin4. It’s more or less abandoned upstream and is also widely known to be particularly secure - most have migrated to e.g. Xenforo or Discourse. I am also not particularly keen on adding more to the maintenance workload by replacing the current static main page with a dynamic CMS. Maybe with a static webpage generator like nanoc or Hugo.

If you can’t access the thread with the link to the proposed replacement, let me know so I can send it via PM.

We were using the old reCaptcha API. Not sure if vBulletin supports the one. As for logic questions, we’re a high enough profile target that those get solved and stored. Besides, do we really want to risk the role-playing forum to coming back to life?

That’s true- I have had to alter my questions a few times. That said, the latest set have been solid for almost half a year now. And they’re, verbatim, “In the Terminator series, what is the name of the leader of the human resistance against Skynet? Go ahead and use Google if you have to, we’ll wait.” and “What is the first word of this site’s name?”

It seemed very appropriate to use the first question to detect spambots. :V

I can’t access the thread you mentioned.

Hell, at this point I’d even suggest unbanning Setz. He was annoying, but I think constantly using this site as his personal livejournal kept other people active, too. Every forum needs an adversary, I think :V

What, you mean the RPGCLASSICS forum isn’t supposed to be used as a personal livejournal?

It’s an especially good place to talk about relationship problems. And begging for advice after having sex in a KFC washroom.

I wonder if we can bring Quina back, even if his conga train of stupid was limited to FFC.

Isn’t he working at Squeenix now, on that mobile Final Fantasy game, All the Bravest?

Yes, I’m well aware that nobody’s working on that dog pile that is ATB.

W…what? Really? I honestly thought that was just me. :hahaha;

Oh wow, when did we get all these sweet emotes? :mwahaha:

Also, I can’t see the preview thread either. I would like to, though!

So, the old shrines are still fairly active? I don’t really mind if we go one way or the other, I just don’t think it’s doing much for the main site to be so schizophrenic right now. The design is also just straight old, which is appropriate for a classic gaming nexus, but I dunnoooo. I’m not averse to pitching in, but for things like this, there are much more practiced hands here, so all I really feel like I can do is suggest stuff. Of course, the fact that a lot of peoples’ best efforts might still not result in much is a tough asterisk to swallow, but if we have the talent and willpower to throw something together, I think it’s worth trying even if it’s just for fun and practice.

AYE AYE. This is so true.