Sony: "PS3 shortages to be resolved by May"

The Farce Continues

Being rather pessimistic with May, though. I’d have said sometime around last December. :slight_smile:

Tretton told Reuters in an interview that the console was still out of stock in some areas three months after its November launch.

People can’t freakin’ give PS3s away around here, I wonder what areas he’s referring to.

Buyers Sony, what you need are BUYERS.

And you guys still owe me forty eight hundred bucks from the four PS3 I saw in stock in my usual store.

There’s a shortage?

Sony’s excuses are downright funny at this point. You reap what you saw.

I have been to five video game stores in the last week, and they all had PS3s. Meanwhile, Circuit City continues to leave up outdoor signs saying, “We are temporarily out of the Wii!”

On a side note, I find it funny how American developers continue not to take the Wii seriously, as though the 360 had sold 4,800,000 units this quickly.

Because the Wii is for porn!

Jokes aside, American developers really don’t know what to make of the Wii - I think Chris Satchell says it best.

I can’t really see the Wii competing in the traditional sense with the 360 & PS3 - the system has too many things working against it for it to have much appeal to the ‘traditional’ gamer on its own merits, though it is obviously a big hit among people who up to now haven’t been into video games.

Which leads me to believe, at least right now, that the overwhelming majority of Wii-exclusive games will either be Nintendo 1st-party games (which are always great), or party-style games that you play with other people. Which puts it it in its own category, and not really in competition with anyone.

As for me, it’s a pretty cheap console, if it gets more games that I’d be into sure I’ll get one, I learned my lesson on fanboyism (namely, not to be one) with the N64.

People here still stand in line at 6 AM in the morning to get Wiis.


Strange, the stores in my area have had plenty of PS3s and Wiis for weeks now. The PS3 has been in stock since early January and the Wii has been in stock since the second week of February.

However, this is even more funny considering Sony said it ws managing its supply problems and that is why you see PS3s on the shelf, unlike Nintendo who is not keeping supply up.

Talk to the people who run GameStop…and they’ll tell you that the demand is unprecedented and that they give us kudos for keeping a very sophisticated supply chain moving. What our competitors are doing I can’t speak to but I know we are achieving our goals of keeping the market supplied…

You can see that under the “Supply vs Demand” part.

Yep, there’s no demand, so you gotta keep the supply up to meet the demand! :smiley: