Sonic 3 & Knuckles request

I want a Tails sprite, the pose right when he’s going Super Tails. When he goes Super, we gets four little birdies that fly around him and peck the shit out of enemies, and I want those gone. When he goes Super, he should be a lighter yellow and in a power pose. I’d like the sprite from Sonic 3, but if that’s not possible, get it from Sonic, and that’d be fine. Thanks.

EDIT: It also needs to be Avvy size. Thanks again.

It’s called Google.

No. It’s called the Sprite Board, Jango. They can make requests here. If you don’t like it, tough. Keep it up, and I’ll request you no longer have access to this board.

Anyway, here’s a sprite sheet . I’m sure you can find the sprite and crop it yourself.

that site seems to rather dislike hotlinking, 984.

THe point is people post here without even looking. You enter anything into a search engine you can find it easily. ANd if you wanna ban me go right the fuck ahead, asshole.

In that case, BAM. It’s obviously under Tails S3&K.

And Ori, no it’s not always easy to find stuff. Sonic sprites might be easy, but I have no problem with people asking for help to find sprites. There have been times I’ve wanted to find a particular set of sprites, and it took me roughly 2 hours. Servbot sprites in fact. I had to stumble across a Mugen board to even begin searching, and after that I still had to find a good Mugen resource center. Hell, one time, I just felt like looking to see if La Pucelle sprites had been ripped, and I had to consult a La Pucelle message board to find out. So no, it’s not always easy, and some people don’t want to put any effort in.

This is my board, not yours. If they want to post here without looking first, then they are allowed to. I don’t mind. Hell, sometimes when searching for sprites I find cool little sites with sprites I had wanted but could never find. So if you don’t like it, tough. You can just not visit this board, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

Thanks, guys. A lot.

Hearhear, honestly.

Do you have a guide up for ripping from emus? Although easy, some people can’t do it or don’t think they have the capabilities to do so, even though you can do it with paint. Might be a good idea to do that.

Actually, no, I don’t. I very rarely rip (well, screenshot and edit) sprites from games. I tend to use others’ resources unless I have to. So, in that sense, it’s just as boring a process for me as it is for others that typically don’t rip.

I would however wouldn’t mind how to truly rip sprites. Like, most of us call the screenshot process ripping, but there’s another way to actually rip the sprites and the palattes from the game files themselves.

Same here, it’d make the Captain Commando sheet you asked me to do, oh, 2-3 years back, a lot easier to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

But even the long and tedious screenshotty way should have a guide up somewhere.

No need for CapCom. I found some Mugen packs. :slight_smile: