Song Recommendations

I like starting a topic like this at each forum I go to, to get a taste of what kind of music each person is into, and to try out new bands and songs that I have yet to listen to.

You can post anywhere from 3-20 songs that you recommend others to listen to, you may include descriptions as well.

Here’s my recommendations:

1. Deftones (ft. Maynard from TOOL) - “Passenger”
It’s a thoughtfully intense song with vocals by Maynard of Tool. The song starts out really awesome as well. If you’re into Tool or Deftones, be sure to check it out.

2. A Perfect Circle - “Judith” (remix)
Ok, if you haven’t heard this yet, GET IT! It’s so great and keeps the same even feel that was built into it. If you’re a fan of Reznor type remixes (yes, Danny Lohner did the remix, but it sounds SO NIN it’s not even funny), you’ll like it.

3. Tool - “Sober”
The lyrics to this are very soothing and catchy at that. I highly recommend this song, so check it out, if you haven’t.

4. Oleander - “Hands off the Wheel”
This song is really great. The raspy whispers and defiant yells from the lead singer become a fourth instrument that complete the tune of this song.

5. Oleander - “I Walk Alone”
This song is a softer rock song, but it has some really good lyrics and also includes some great phaser-effect guitar.

6. Earshot - “Get Away”
This band kind of reminds me of Tool. This is one of the only songs I can find by them, but it’s really good, so if you’re into Tool check them out.

7. Disturbed/Tool - “Killing You Now”
Featuring both David Draiman and Maynard, this song is pretty decent. I don’t know much to say about it, other than you can definitely tell Draiman is in it by his screams.

8. Jars of Clay - “Flood” (Extra Guitar Remix)
Yeah, it’s Christian rock, but this song is just awesome, especially if you’re able to get the Extra Guitar remix, which includes rifts from an electric guitar.

9. Led Zeppelin - “Stairway to Heaven”
Ok, you may not die, until you have heard this song. I hope most people have heard this before, but if not, check it out. It’s kind of soft though.

10. Tool - “Aenima”
Aenima makes me salivate - you just need to listen to appreciate it. Powerful lyrics and gripping vocals…Oh wait…that’s almost every song by Tool lol

10. Tool - “Eulogy”
You’ve probably noticed by now that I like Tool. This song challenges the character of everyone who has a message to preach but are really just as weak and feeble as every one around them. Very powerful lyrics.

11. Tool - “Third Eye”
Even despite it’s grandesque 13:00+ minutes, “Third Eye” never looses my interest - in fact, it’s one of the best album closers I’ve ever heard.

12. Tool - “Schism”
This song is awesome. If you’ve never seen the video, check that out as well. Visual masterpiece.

13. Staind - “Mudshovel”
Other than the fact that Aaron Lewis’ vocals are a bit on the raspy side, the music makes up for it. This song has it’s soft points and has it’s harder points.

14. Godhead - “The Reckoning”
If you’re into Nine Inch Nails, this song is reminiscent of some of their songs, at least to me anyhow. They are a techno-industrial band and I just love this song.

15. Goo Goo Dolls - “Iris”
This song is a classic. An overproduced song, but it’s rounded out and full of depth.

16. Creed - “Bullets”
I don’t like much of Creed’s music, but this song is kind of on the hard rock side. The beginning is slow, but it picks up and is just really good, in my opinion.

17. Rob Zombie - “Living Dead Girl”
I love this song. Rob Zombie is a great vocalist and this song proves it. Not much I can say about it though…

18. Live - “Dolphins Cry”
Great song that returns the band to their anthem rocker roots and are easily as catchy and compelling as previous singles produced by them. It’s also more dense and layered than their previous stuff.

19. Bush - “Glycerine”
The song itself is the perfect blend of guitar, vocals and a small string section that slowly creeps up on you. For the most part the music is recessed and put in the background while Gavin Rossdale’s vocals take center stage. Trying to decipher the lyrics is best left up to personal interpretation because the song is straight cut in some parts and extremely loose in others.

20. Tonic - “If You Could Only See”
It contains both a sweet, alternative, yet soft sound with lyrics anyone could appreciate, you can feel that their music is written from the heart.

There goes my list, although I actually recommend ALL Tool songs. Or Third Eye Open, a tribute band to Tool, if you’re into string instrumentals.

Zeromancer - Eurotrash

Cold - Send In The Clowns

Static-X - Bled For Days

Lollipop Lust Kill - Knee Deep In The Dead

Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide

Creed - Ode

Staind - Tolerate

Primus - Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing

Tool - Prison Sex

Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It)

Crossbreed - Underlined

Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right To Party

Anthrax/Public Enemy - Bring The Noise

Drowning Pool - Bodies

Metallica - Seek And Destroy

Black Sabbath - Iron Man

Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze

Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack

Story Of The Year - And The Hero Will Drown

Seems like some of the lyrics are commenting on my life right now surprisely, thats all I will say about the lyrics you can read if you’d care to.

  1. Zion by Fluke. Its the song played during the rave scene in the Matrix reloaded.

  2. Dust by Van Hunt Lyrics The beat is what really drew me in but its got decent lyrics IMO. Been noticing i don’t mind music with guitar in it as much as i thought.

  3. I’m on Fire by Bruce Springsteen Lyrics

  4. It’s my life by Talk Talk lyrics No doubts verison is okay, i just like the sound of the original a little more.

  5. Scattered Rain from Trigun Only like about the first 2 minutes really.

  6. The girl with the sun in her head by Orbital

  7. I like you or Kimi Ga Daisuki from Dirty Pair Flash 2? Only watched 2 episodes of dirty pair and wasnt impressed, but some of the songs are nice. This song is sickly sweet and upbeat, no clue why i like it.

  8. Touched by Vast lyrics

  9. Zero Hour from Trigun

  10. Dancing with Devils from Rurouni Kenshin i think

Good topic, good idea.

  1. Evanescence: Haunted
    -Very good song with an…erm, haunting theme. If you haven’t listened to Evanescense (the Daredevil movie theme doesn’t count), I highly recommend doing so. A lot of their stuff might not be your particular brand of vodka, but you can still appreciate the beauty. Um, anyway…

  2. Guns 'N Roses: You Could Be Mine
    -Terminator 2 OST, very nice song. For some reason, the lyrics make me think of the life of a SeeD from FF8, maybe I’m just obsessed, dunno.

  3. Korn: Alone I Break
    -Not a really heavy song, but moving lyrics just the same.

  4. Bond: Quixote
    -Bond is a quartet (2 violins, a viola, and a cello) along with a typical band. They give a very nice sound for anyone who appreciates music, this song does that in particular.

  5. David Draiman: Forsaken
    -Queen of the Damned OST, good stuff.

  6. Poets of the Fall: Late Goodbye
    -Sorta strange song, but moving in a way. Also the Max Payne 2 OST.

  7. Marilyn Manson: Resident Evil Theme
    -Song that plays at the beginning of the movie. Very short, plenty of attitude.

  8. Limp Bizkit: Behind Blue Eyes
    -Orginally done by “The Who” about nine hundred years ago. This version sounds better I think. Sad yet thoughtful, gave me the inspiration for a fanfic about Seifer Almasy.

  9. Journey: Wheel in the Sky
    -Yes, old group, but a good song just the same.

  10. Metallica: Bleeding Me
    -Had to mention it, I love that song.

  11. The Prodigy: Mindfields
    -Sort of an esoteric beat mixed with techno. Good stuff.

  12. Rob Zombie: The One
    -'Escape from L.A." OST, good fast techno rock.

  13. Tappy: The Best Is Yet To Come
    -Beautiful, sung in Japanese. It’s the ending theme from Metal Gear Solid.

  14. System Of A Down: Toxicity
    -Good grunge music.

  15. Black Sabbath: War Pigs
    -Old song, sort of an Vietnam-era antiwar protest thing, but stimulating just the same. The last couple of minutes are pure guitar solo, and it makes the song IMO.

  16. Ozzie Osbourne: No More Tears
    -New Ozzy stuff, pretty good.

  17. Linkin Park: My December
    -Sad, depresssing. But it makes you think. Treasure the small things, people.

  18. Linkin Park: A Cure For The Itch
    -Good evil-ish beat, but pretty short.

  19. Guns 'N Roses: November Rain
    -Melancholic song, nice.

  20. Korn: Make Me Bad
    -Self explanitory. I like being bad, and you know you do too.

Voltaire - When you’re evil (Go listen NOW!), The USS make shit up, All the way down, God thinks (and all his other songs, too!)

Evanescence - Breathe no more, Away from me

The Ark - It takes a fool to remain sane, Tell me this night is over, Laurel wreath (and every other song they’ve ever made >_>)

Dream Theater - Lifting shadows off a dream, Raise the knife

Stratovarius - Black diamond

Sting - Desert rose

Cirque de Soleil - Alegría

Tina Arena - Now I can dance

Beauty is Within us, Velveteen and Follow Me from Ghost in the Shell, don’t remember the name of the artists.

The ending theme of Hellsing! >_> (Shine)

Michelle - Out of my own (Eurovision song contest 2001, Netherlands)

Tal Sondak - Ein Davar (same, Israel - it sounds so funny! >_>)

Gary Jules - Mad world

The Beautiful South - Mediteranean, Good as gold

The Doors - People are strange

Cry Little Sister from The Lost Boys, don’t remember the artist…

Alcazar - Not a sinner nor a saint (runs and hides from all Swedish people >_>)

So it’s more than 20, sue me! >> I’m really bad at remembering artists, so I probably made some mistake. >>

Wow, I like most of the stuff everyone has posted thus far, some of it I have yet to hear of though, so I’ll check into it and tell you what I think a bit later.

Here’s a few more, off my list of CDs of course :mwahaha:

Our Lady Peace-“Whatever” -The beginning is awesome.

Enya-“Only Time” -Kind of soothing, so I like it.

Incubus-“Pardon Me” -I still like this song, especially the acoustic version.


Nirvana-“Smells like Teen Spirit” -Who hasn’t heard this song?..

Marilyn Manson-“Cryptorchid” -I like the little rhyme in it, kind of catchy.

Alien Ant Farm-“Glow” -Definitely a different type of…sound.

Seraphim Shock-“After Dark” -A gothicy sounding song, sounds like a russian vampire singing

Zeromancer-“Send me an Angel”

  1. “Die With Your Boots On” - Iron Maiden
  2. “Hell Bent For Leather” - Judas Priest
  3. “The Thing That Should Not Let It Be” - Beatallica
  4. “Chickenshit Conformist” - Dead Kennedys
  5. “Riot” - Dead Kennedys
  6. “The Number of the Beast” - Iron Maiden
  7. “The Toxic Waltz” - Exodus
  8. “Hand of Doom” - Black Sabbath
  9. “Parabol/Parabola” - Tool
  10. “South of Heaven” - Slayer
  11. “Angel of Death” - Slayer
  12. “Peace Sells” - Megadeth
  13. “Captive Honour” - Megadeth
  14. “California Uber Alles” - Dead Kennedys
  15. “Prowler” - Iron Maiden
  16. “America” - West Side Story
  17. “Herod’s Song” - Jesus Christ Superstar
  18. “The Spy in the Cab” - Bauhaus
  19. “Die for the Government” - Anti-Flag
  20. “Lovesong” - The Cure

If you’re into gothic tunes, I’d check out Blutangel: Vampire Romance, Die Krupps also has some okay gothic stuff, though I’m not a good judge b/c gothic isn’t my thing.

If you want good gothic music, check out Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Cruxshadows, Bella Morte, early Christian Death… uh… I’m tired. I’ll think of more.

I’ll check those out then. I’m not really into gothic stuff neither, I’m into mostly everything…just about, except bluegrass, most pop, most punk rock, most death/black metal, and opera music. My favorite music genre is Industrial rock though.

I’ll go ahead and suggest more music since I’m already posting…

Cold-“Kill the Music Industry”

Cold-“Change the World”

Led Zeppelin-“Cashmere”

The Damning Well-“Awakening” -I love the beat to this, and the singer is pretty good.

Pucifer-“REV” -I like the beginning mainly, once the guy starts singing…reminds me of a play or something.

Skinny Puppy-“Optimissed” -Industrial/Techno-ish sounding stuff, really cool

Trust Company-“Hover” (Quiet Mix) -Really soft sounding song

A Perfect Circle-“Weak and Powerless” (Tilling My Own Grave Mix) -If you’ve heard the original and liked it, check this one out too.

Finch-“Worms of the Earth”

The last 6 songs are off of the Underworld soundtrack.

“Better Living Through Chemistry” - Queens of the Stone Age (trippy acid rock with really nice guitar section in the middle)

“Stinkfist” - TOOL (one of the hardest rocking TOOL songs on Aenima)

“Blowout” - The Crystal Method (Fast paced techno; good to work or/run to)

“Dead and Bloated” - STP (one of the best songs from Core, slow but hard rocking)

“Da Funk” - Daft Punk (one of the best breakdancing songs out there)

“Suburban Train” - DJ Tiesto (my personal favorite trance)

“Speedboat” - Swayzak (good underground British electronica; fast-paced but easy to listen to)

“Another New Day/Bohemian Sunset” (tie) - Jazzanova (both great jazz/house pieces to chill to)

“The Love” - A Tribe Called Quest

“Du Hast” - Rammstein (great workout song)

“Go” - Pearl Jam (another great rockout/workout song)

“The Sky in Falling” - Queens of the Stone Age

“Fairies Wear Boots/Jack the Stripper” - Black Sabbath (such a good song)

“The Gang’s All Here” - Dropkick Murphy’s (for all self-respecting Irishmen/South Boston Irishmen)

“L-O-V-E” - Nat King Cole (I know it may seem wussy, but my grandpa raised me to like him.)

“Windowlicker” - Aphex Twin

“Two Remixes Track 2” - Aphex Twin

“Halycon and On and On” - Orbital

“Higher Than The Sun” - Primal Scream

Some of the .hack//SIGN soundtrack

“World Without Logos” - Hellsing opening

“Cool Joke” - Undo

I can’t think of any more that readuoly spring to mind

The First four are availble at most good Christain book shops.

  1. Jumping in the House of God (The Phat Mattstar Mix) - The Tribe (Formally known as World Wide Message Tribe (Aka WWMT))
    2001 Remix of a WWMT Favorate. Have been seen in New York, and Holland and Manchester, England. Have won ‘Doves’.

  2. Avenue - The Tribe
    Just Listen to Tims words for the reason!

  3. Amazing Grace - thebandwithnoname
    How sweet the Sound! A good Version I was still dancing to it months after I heard it last.

  4. His Cheeseburger - Veggietales (from Episode "Madam Blueberry, also Availble on VHS)
    A silly love song! You may want to Check out the other Veggietales Videos.

  5. Going Under - Evanescence
    Strange song. There is a meaning in it, which i understand far too well.

  6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
    I’m using this one at the mo to poke fun at someone called Love.

  7. Dancing Queen 2004 - Moped -
    A Scooter Tribute band. That is better than Scooter (I am not kidding, check Chris Moyles BBC Radio 1). My Sig contains a Quote From this Song.

  8. Hikari or Simple and Clean - Utada Hikaru
    I like it. Nice song, Pity you’ve got to wait till the End of the game to hear it again.

  9. Can I Play with Madness? - Iron Maiden
    Suggs and Co.? maybe, (Madness was '80’s band with Suggs as a member)

  10. One Wing Angel - Nobuo Uematsu (FF7)
    I working on a English re-wording. … Lemon Cheese, Seperoth. … So kill Flower Girl…

Big Nutter

Here’s some more that I just found on my computer:

Saliva-“Rest in Pieces” -Nice lyrics, great song

Beethoven-“Fur Elise” (Techno Remix) -This rocks, definitely check it out. Starts out like the normal piece, then picks up and gets a bit technoish, then it adds the base and becomes a full out techno/classical piece.

Goo Goo Dolls-“Iris” -Also great lyrics, one of my favorite songs actually.

Johnny Rzeznik-“I’m Still Here” -By the lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls, this song is off of the Treasure Planet soundtrack, but it’s really good. Pretty soft.

Third Eye Open-“Schism” -A string tribute to Tool’s version, pretty nice.

Beethoven-“Egmont Overture”

Queen-“Fat Bottomed Girls” -A classic!

Alanis Morissette-“You Learn”

Alanis Morissette-“Hand in My Pocket”

Nine Inch Nails-“Sin”

Nine Inch Nails-“Sanctified” -My favorite NiN song, if you like their stuff, check it out.


Nirvana-“Heart Shaped Box”

If You Still Believe, dunno the name of the group but it’s the ending theme to Legend Of Dragoon. Pretty song.

Oh, and I’ll be checking out EVERY song that is listed, that I have yet to listen to before…so…this may take some time.

I’m a big fan of The Offspring. From them, I reccomend All I Want, One Fine Day, Million Miles Away and Self Esteem more than anything else. They also did excellent covers of I Wanna Be Sedated and (suprisingly enough) Video Killed the Radio Star.

I also reccomend Bittersweet Symphony, by the Verve, Kryptonite, by Three Doors Down, Hellraiser, by Ozzy Osbournem, and for anyone who hasn’t heard it already (you uncultured philistines), Styx’s Mr. Roboto.

Yeah Im gonna go through this thread too.

Well since no one has really kept to a specific theme I’ll go with weird/trance/dance songs.

The Lonely Shepard-Zanfir-it’s a slow kinda Pink Floyd-ish sounding song with the pan flute. Apparently it’s on the Kill Bill soundtrack?

Mythos-Delerium-Weird kinda…dance? It has chanting in it, a really exotic sounding song.

Kyrie-Witch Hunter Robin OST- same feel as above, with guitar. Chanting.

Prodigy-Smack my Bitch Up/Breathe- Both techno, both fast, both kick ass

Emotions-Trance Control- really cool trance song

Trance Emotions- DJ Quicksilver- another really cool haunting song

Alone in the dark-DJ Tiesto

Southern Sun- Paul Oakenfold

Satisfaction (radio mix)-Benny Benassi-weird ultra funky dance song?

The Wind-Bassic- Piano sounding techno thingy…

Destination-DJ Tiesto- hyponotic trance

I’ll think of more later

Yeah Trance Emotions kicks ass. Try Industrial Heaven {Darkwave Mix}

Oh yeah! I forgot all about Benassi. Good to though that another Tiesto is on there. He’s pretty good.