Son of a submariner...


I didn’t know video games were this bleepity-bleep nowadays. What’s your fucking dickhead, cocksucking, motherfucking opinion on this?

This is the entire point to bulletstorm.That was a funny compilation though.

The writers must have been gay with so much dick on the brain.

I thought the demo was entertaining… >.> It probably gets old fast, though.

I can agree. I was enthralled with the demo, but I played it several times and figured the same thing. This is the entire point to the game tough, and I find it pretty disheartening.


Never played it before… is that the actual dialogue just cropped out and made into a montage? or is it actual visual editing? Either way it’s not that that funny… just a sick, but sad sense of humour.

If the word Fuck represents a ‘Player One’ in vulgarity, I think all this shit is player two.