Son. Of. A. Fuck

As of late, I’ve been without internet. Most of you have probably noticed this, those in the chat especially since that’s where I’m constantly idle. Anyway, ice storm problems. Almost a foot of water in my basement, ruined carpets, and most electronics. I’m posting from school right now. Basically, I’ll be without internet for awhile, so probably 3 weeks, because internet is the last thing on the mind of my parents. After the basement’s clean, well, I dunno. So yeah, see you guys later.

See you. Good luck.

Good luck.

I feel sorry for your electronics…

Sorry to hear it man.

Jango laughs at puny Steve: HAHA!

Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve :frowning:

That sucks. But really, I feel. The same thing happened to my in August. Except it was a broken pipe and the whole house, because here in San Diego, we don’t have basements. :bowser: 3 weeks? :no2: Proably more like 2-3 months. I’m just now back in my house(was finally in on Dec.20). Thats… :thinking: …four months.

Hope it’s shoter for you though, because let me tell you, it sucked.
Good Luck and God’s Speed.Really.

Nah, we have the water out, it just really really smells bad. I mostly have a problem with the internet connection, but my dad’s gonna fix that very easily once we get the rooms fixed.
Anyway, I can still kinda talk on this.