Son of a bitch!

One of 2 things has happend, animal control is a bunch of lazy fucks, or the racoon found it’s way back!


I said it once: Guns. Or poison.

Now serious: get the thing drunk (alcohol in food), then get rid of it in some non-violent way.

Awww he loves you so much he just had to come back.

Almost forgot I’ll be out of town till monday if anyone cares.

Reminds me that at the fast food joint (in amusement park) I work in, we have two marmots and we are still in business.

I find it sickening. The customers find it cute.

Ow man, that just sucks.

have a good time while you’re out.

one suggestion about the raccoon: SHOOT THE FRICKIN’ THING.

it shouldn’t bother you again.

I still don’t think you should shoot it. Just go with the alcohol, a cage, and a decent car ride. And make sure you drop it upwind of youself.

yeah, i guess that works, too…

Or better yet, drop it at a household of someone you dislike.

alright, i really should’ve thought of that first…now where’s a raccoon? :o

Over here you only see racoons in zoos :slight_smile:
At least, I ain’t never seen one in the wild before, then again, I don’t get out much…:o

I do believe you have suffered enough becase of it, so just have some fun with the rascal. Well, fun at the expence of others.

The only animal ever to invade my apartment was a pingeon. And I petted it. If you really don’t want to harm the furry thing you should pet it like I did to my pingeon. That way you two may live in harmony (as much harmony as you can have with a raccoon, that is). Just don’t forget to give its vaccines against rabies.

I told ya, you shoula followed my suggestion, and just leave the guy for dead by the side of a little-used road ten miles from your house in a burlap sack. But did you listen to me? NOOOOOOO…

i don’t think he will this time, either…

I’d just put some food out with sleeping pills in it. When he’s knocked out move him somewhere that he won’t come back. A zoo’s a great place…

…or the house of someone you hate.

…Or a burlap sack.

You can always set a trap for it outside. Go down to anima control and ask for a trap, and then bait it with fish.

And then release it at Kero’s place.