Sometimes Someone likes my country

Ok, I know Elton Does. He just Got “Married”. The UK Law now accepts Civil Partnership, for Same sex couples. Prevoiusly Civil partnerships were Marrages with Man and woman.

Big Nutter
But Weiila Can you refrain from… you know. I can still smell burning.

The way you keep mentioning Weilla’s name in threads concerning sexuality people might think something was up. But that surely couldn’t be. Right?

Well, Pierson, Weiila and Nutter just broke up. And Nutter is rather sad about it. Didn’t you read his livejournal?

I’m always amused by threads that manage to divert complete off-topic before the end of the first post. Being a killjoy, allow me to wish Sir Elton and David happy times in their new lives together as officially recognised partners.

I’ve Nicked the Topic Name off a certian Swedish person.

disregard the rest of the thread

Holy crap, Charlemagne lives! :open_mouth:

You beat me to it!

Charle! Where have you been all this time, we missed you!

You people are so out of the times. I saw his name in the “active users” list last week.

He popped in the chat like a week ago.

Nutter, quit being weird. Please :x

Shut up. This thread is about Charlemagne now. Stop posting off topic! :spam:

Charle returning almost makes the lack of Merlin shoveling okay. Christmas isn’t cancelled after all!

Merry Christmas Weilla.

The Iron Hand of Justice is Swift and Deadly.

Say goodbye to Nutter, kids, because you sure as hell won’t be seeing him around here anymore.

Definitely not any time soon at the very least.

It’s the [perm]ban “of the year” :maho:

Or any time much later, to say the most.