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Idiot doctors worldwide have caused problems with the misuse of antibiotics and I’ve always advocated against the overprescription of mood altering drugs for the general public as not only it being a demonstration and reinforcement of people not dealing with their problems, but essentially it is also an assertion of the belief that the populace needs to be sedated. I have a general dislike for psychology in general, in part because, although some real problems exist, a normal situation of having someone being different from the norm is often presented as a problem because it doesn’t conform to what this particular group thinks it should be. Schizophrenia is a real problem. Mild depression isn’t.

I’ve always disagreed with the use of antidepressents, with exeptions for those who truly need them. Most “happy pills” just dope you up until you forget what you’re “depressed” about.

I never trusted psychology much myself.

I don’t like psychology because a lot of stuff they preach comes from “what someone said a hundred years ago”, and not real science.

By the way, this disturbs me:

(…)the country’s most senior medical experts will warn tomorrow.
Why haven’t they warned before? What were they waiting for?

I don’t trust psychology because they tried (with my parents’ help) to turn me into a lab rat.

Prozac is overrated, and I’m not even a sufferer of depression, my parents just took me seriously when I had an acid trip gone wrong. And then the psychologists said I was schizophrenic and gave me this medication called Risperdal, which is an anti-psychotic that pretty much turns you into a zombified drooling mess of incoherence. It also can cause sterility and ED with continued use.

I agree entirely. Dealing with the pains of life is a major part of life, not something to be fled from.

Personally I have never been a fan of drugs that change your mood. Or that having anything to do with the chemicals inside your head. They are just something that should be left alone.

As for psychology however, that I do trust. Since there are actually several good psychological theories on certain topics, which do make sense.

Whoa, never cared for happy pills myself. They can be dangerous when recovering from serious depression.

I used to take “happy pills.” I don’t know how serious my depression was, but I doubt I’d be out of it without them.

Some psychology is meaningful and important in understanding how stuff works since the mind is an important part of a person’s life. However, applied/clinical psychology and the fields it is based on have lots of problems. For some strange reason, psychotherapists still exist (Freudian), and that’s one of many.

Pills are just bloody stupid. Would you get less depressed as you realize you need pills just stay happy? I wouldn’t. They’re nothing but a silly and expensive way of showing your problems infront of you instead of facing them. And, in any case, sooner or later the pile will get too heavy to push.

In the context of one of the quotes in Sin’s sig, yes.

Headology all the way, man. Be a witch!

I was on Zoloft for about a year. This was fall 1997 through about fall 1998. I was pretty emotionally dead at the time. I think I was started at 100 mg dosage, but it was worked down to 50, 25, and eventually 0 as my therapist felt fit. I doubt I would be the happy go lucky 984 you all know and love without that period. Now, the pills alone weren’t the sole reason I got better; I will readily admit some of the contributing factors were removed during that time. But then, the pills weren’t used as a cure-all. I still had regular therapy sessions to go to (I think it was first bi-weekly eventually down to every two months), and I did have many forms of loving support, whether they knew about my depression or not. In the end, my understanding of the pills is that they were more of a jumpstart mechanism, as if my happiness was akin to a car battery, rather than a way to fix me. But, I guess I just had a different experience than the rest of y’all.

Mmm, medicated smiles :smiley:

I heard about this moning. That Artilce is now at least 24 hours old. But Counserling is harder to get on the NHS, or even off it.

Big Nutter
I do not take any of these happy pills. I just have RPGs and Coffee.

Psychotherapy is a legalized cult.

Psychology has it’s uses, especially biopsychology (which you probably know about a fuckload more than I do) since it’s actually trying to see a link between certain biological reactions in the body and the human mind.

However, psychotherapy is just there to make certain people realize their troubles when they’re too goddamn lazy to look for them on their own. Considering you have to undergo psychotherapy to become a psychotherapist, I think I’m justified in calling it a legalized cult. Psychotherapy could be useful if people actually made some research in it instead of basing themselves on what Freud said.

Yeah, Nul. A big point you’re missing is that it’s not just the pills. Kinda like how just a diet that makes you lose weight isn’t all you need to be healthy. You need to eat right AND excersize. In the case of anti-depressants, it’s a mix of the pills plus therapy and moral support.

Well actually Freud (even though he went a bit overboard with the “sex is the root of everything” bit) did actually come up with some sound theories. That make sense.

And Iga there have been new theories in the world of psychotherapy, that haven’t been based on Freud. Or at least that’s what I been hearing.

The women from the family of my mom kinda do headology. I’m serious.

I think mom’s a witch.

Were we talking about the overuse of happy pills or the treatment of depression in general?