Something I've been working on...

Finally had some time to myself, and found this piece of work I had pushed to the back burners… you know, the back burners hidden round the corner, behind a wall. So decide to have another stab at it. And after editting this first section, wanted to get some opinions…

No title as of yet, but please tell me what you think.

It was a cold night. A brisk wind flowed through the trees, still carrying the smell of the rain that had barely finished falling less than an hour ago. Even the common night-time creatures had not yet reappeared to hunt for food. Yet there she stood, all alone in the middle of this clearing in that sparse woodland.

“Why do I have to be out here?” the young woman asked herself. But she already knew the answer to that. It was all part of being the Elder’s personal assistant. Although usually that didn’t involve anything other than standard desk duties; and making warm cups of herbal tea, which she felt her body could use right about now. But during trying circumstances, the Elder could only rely on her; after all she could go where he couldn’t, do what he couldn’t. She had to be his eyes and ears, checking on these strange rumours that were running wild through the populace. But still she had never thought she would be sent out so hurriedly from work that day; on this ‘errand’; she hadn’t even had time to grab a coat.

And so here she was in the middle of ‘Open Air Park’ on this cold autumn’s night. Her regular pale pink tunic, offering little protection against the elements; forcing her to wrap her angelic white wings around herself for extra warmth. Even this didn’t stop Harmony’s delicate skin from being covered in goose bumps. She could feel the rain water soaking the grass trying to soak into her leather heelless shoes; still she was thankful she had worn them this morning; rather than her regular open wooden sandals.

Off in the distance, Harmony could hear the Grand Temple’s bells chiming the midnight hour, as the wind whipped her long straight silver hair around her. She figured this was going to be a long night. In truth, she didn’t know just how right she was. In fact Harmony was almost going to give up waiting; scanning over the darkness with her pale green eyes one last time; and continuing her search for information somewhere else. That was until she heard rustling behind her.

“Don’t turn around.” The ragged voice instructed. “Are you alone?”

“Yes, I came alone. Just as always,” she replied calmly. Not at all surprised by her informant’s sudden appearance. After all this wasn’t the first time she had had to come to him for information; and he had a skill for blending into the background wherever he went. “Now what do you know about these rumours?”

“Straight to business. Did I ever tell you that I’ve always like that about you, Harmony?” Harmony stood silently ignoring his comments, waiting from him to tell her what she came to hear. “Now as far there rumours go… they appear to be true. All of them. From what my sources tell me, whoever he is, he is after the Elder.”

“Are you sure?” Harmony probed, glancing back at the blue-winged Ventulus man, standing behind her. He may have always been a cautious man; Harmony figured that was why his information had constantly been so reliable in the past, and why he had managed to stay alive so long in such a sordid part of the world. But tonight he seemed even more nervous than usual, his deep-set brown eyes darting back and forth rapidly over their surroundings, not showing a grain of exhaustion, despite the hour.

“Have I ever lied to you!” He snapped, his voice breaking into nerves the more he stood there talking. His hand rustling his short light cerulean hair, before he continued “Listen, this sounds bigger than even you could possibly imagine, there are some who are even saying this man, if he is a ‘man’, has more power than the Caelestis himself.”

“That can’t be! How could any Ventulus be more powerful than the one who gave us our wings? Even the Elder only has a fraction of that power” she shrieked. Things were beginning to get too much for the Elder’s personal assistant. “Is there anything else you can tell me

“If you want to know so much about me, Harmony. Why don’t you simply ask me yourself?” A deep voice spoke out from the darkness.

Not bad, HS! Nice way of setting up your exposition; instead of having a narration explain the facts you provided them via the conversation between Harmony and her informer (and it sounded natural, not forced.) Even what you didn’t reveal -such as where or when this is taking place- serves to intrigue us into wanting to learn more.

The only thing that confused me is: if she knew she was going out in a cold night, why didn’t she dress up better? Did she have to come in a hurry? Also, I would’ve described the characters a little more, to make them more easy to visualize. But, all in all a nice story “hook”. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pointers Wil. Took it and ran with it, reworking the first section slightly, and also reworked my second part.

See what you think of the reworked first part, and part two…

“W-who said that!?” Harmony shouted nervously. As both she and her informant scanned the area rapidly, and anxiously for the source of that voice. Yet neither one seeing anything but the darkness of the midnight hour, in the small woodland clearing.

Then as if melting out of the darkness stepped a bare-chest Ventulus, dressed in only black pants and boots. The wings that stretched out from his back were pitch black, almost invisible against the darkness that surrounded them all. His long black hair flowed down his back, mixing in with his wings and the night.

However what startled Harmony, and her associate, the most were this person’s eyes. There was no sign of life behind the pitch black orbs. They were darker than the night itself, seeming to draw in all light, and never letting any go. Even the wind didn’t seem to be going near him, his hair and wings not stirring even for a moment, in the breeze that whirled around these three individuals.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” he spoke in a deep, gravelly voice. “I am Eclipse. The ‘man’ you have been sent to enquire about.” He said bowing slightly, his dark gaze not leaving her for a moment.

“W-w-what do you want with us?” Harmony stammered, wishing her legs weren’t acting like jelly right now. Wishing she could just run from this spot, from this darkness, that felt as if it was emanating from him directly.

“With you my dear,” he spoke calmly, but with a smile that sent ice cold chills down her spine. “Everything.” More shivers and chills. “But with your friend…” Turning his attention to the blue winged Ventulus, for the first time since appearing; who had been slowly trying to back away from all this. The informant swallowed hard, he had hoped to slip away while his attention was on the girl; but that hope was quickly dashed. “Absolutely nothing.”

The informant took this as his last chance, turning on the spot, and started spiriting away deeper into the surrounding woods. Quietly and effortlessly, Eclipse raised his hand, to chest height, aiming directly at the retreating figure. “Atra Dolor Neco.”

As soon as the words left his lips, a hazy mist shot through the clearing, silently engulfing the informer. Harmony couldn’t make out what was happening, but still felt the vast power of the mist Eclipse had just released. Before it had even begun to fade, the blue winged informant had collapsed. Dead. Blood spilling from wounds forming all over his body; his face warped in a silent never-ending scream.

Sorry it took me so long to get back to this, HS! I’ve been insanely busy lately.

Anyway: You fixed the first part pretty well. And this second one is definitely gripping, which I assume was the point. It leaves us going, “Oh no! What will happen to Harmony now?” Which is of course what you want to do, to lure the reader into wanting to see more.

So… more!! :smiley:

PS: Nice use of imagery. But don’t fall into the temptation of turning your story into poetry treatise, like so many fantasy writers do. OK? You’re OK so far, just a tip. :wink: