Something I drew!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!

Yes! I drew something and Orak scanned it for me. ^^ He’s too good to me. But anyways, Videospirit, here’s a chapter cover to the comic I’ve been working on. For those who have no clue what I’m talking about I 'll explain later.

Yes, I know it seems a bit light but hey, I didn’t know what’d look like once scanned. But, for those who notice the foldings in it, I had to flod it to mail it to Orak. So, there’s that. Tell me what you think Vs and anyone else.

Really good free stylin’ there

Not bad, Chrissy! Thought I think you need to work on perspective and proportion. But, a great start!

That’s a neat drawing style. The eyes look a little bi in proportion to the rest of the heads though and the profile is a little to 1/4 looking so that you’d expect to see the other eye when looking at it but it still looks cool.

Originally posted by Wilfredo Martinez
I think you need to work on perspective and proportion.

Yes. Other than that it looks fine.

Hmm persepective and proportions sums up the two things that irritated me. I’m guessing that I’m the one on the far right.

It seems like they should have at least a little bit of their other eyes visible, just a tad.

Wohoo! Nice to see you back, Chris-Chris :slight_smile:

Now for the picture, as the others said proportions… I think that the guy farthest to the right could use some bigger hands and thicker arms, but it’s neat otherwise :slight_smile:

As Weiila said, it’s good to see you here. :slight_smile:
The sketch is very nice. I’d try refining the head and eye shapes just a tiny little bit. Anyway, it looks great!:yipee:

CC this is how I imagine my character looking at this point. His armor and stuf was a little different back in your roleplays. And these colors are off but w/e.

<img src=>

<img src=>

Well, THANK GOD! Finally I get some advise about my drawing skills! hugs everyone Thankies! Now I know what to work on.

btw Vs, This is only a chapter cover. And yes, the far left is you. (or your character.) Now, the actual character design, you’ll have to wait til I get a scanner to show you what I got you drawen as. But, I will tell you waht I have you. YOu were pants with a blackish/silverish chest armor having a blue cross, wearing a black leather cape. Now, your spirit form I still need to work on a bit… ^^;;