Something for Hiryuu...

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but, .fds roms have a 64 byte header where as the .nes roms have a $10 byte header. Maybe this is why you weren’t able to properly calculate the pointers for Deep Dungeon?


EDIT: Disregard the above, Hiryuu. I didn’t actually READ the file through before I made this. After a little research I found the .fds does in fact use the normal $10 byte header. I believe the above file may be helpful if you have a .dka version of Deep Dungeon.

Eh, I sorta stopped working on Deep Dungeon.

That is to say, I never actually STARTED working on Deep Dungeon…>_>

What emulator did you use to play Deep Dungeon? I’ve tried with FCEU, FWNES, and NESten and none of them will play the game smoothly. And yes, I’ve got the disksys.rom.

FCE Ultra. It ran the game just fine.

Are you able to get any other FDS games to work? Give NNNesterJ a shot too.

I use FCE Ultra and NNNesterJ for all my FDS and NES emulation stuff.

Well, I gave NNNesterJ a try and got the same problem.

I can get to that screen everytime but that’s it. I think its a rom issue, but I downloaded the rom I’m using off of EmuAsylum and it was the only version of the rom available. :confused: