Something bad made into something good.

Okay. So I wanted some salsa. Sounds reasonable, right?

  1. No shredded cheese.
    Solution: Take sliced (pre-packaged) cheese, throw it into a small bowl with some salsa, microwave it til it’s a nice soupy… thing.
  2. Crumbs for chips.
    Solution: Throw the crumbs into the bowl. Mix. Eat with spoon.

All in all, it was a good learning experience, you should try it yourselves ^^

I usually just buy sasla…

Well so do we, but there was no shredded cheese FOR the salsa.

Yeaaaaah, actually you can buy that kind of salsa too.

It’s 1 am, where am I going to get salsa. Hell, I’m not even allowed out after 11 because of curfew :stuck_out_tongue:

curfew sucks ballz!!

Kroger is always open…

Get a cheese grater…

Yeah, I second Sorc here.

Pre-packaged cheese is convenient, but it’s not as good as the real thing. Was the ‘salsa’ good?

Ha. Curfew.

Oh my god x_X. Man that sounds so nasty… It kinda sounds like beanless chile.

I can see how everything gets mixed up in one’s mouth anyway when it’s eaten, so I’m not really grossed out by that. However, I am a little grossed by the thought of using the cheese slices in the salsa, since I’m unsure about the flavor (see, I don’t know about using American cheese in this part, but I know cheddar or jack or some other cheeses would be great).

Hooray for creativity!

It’s one of those foods that looks and smells nasty, but tastes freaking awesome.

That sounds horrible, but I’m going to try it.

Originally posted by Steve
It’s one of those foods that looks and smells nasty, but tastes freaking awesome.


You can’t shred cheese yourself? Let me tell you, don’t come to Norway: They don’t sell shredded cheese here.

Another fine example of the human ability to adapt when in need of substance. nod, nod

Y’see, you can’t grate cheese when
A: You have no access to a cheese grater
B: You can’t go out and buy one at that moment.
Solution: Fucking cook some sort of cheese :stuck_out_tongue:

Cottage cheese and pineapple… there’s somethign i havnt had in a while… good stuff…

(ponders how empty that statement would be without periods)

I make my family nautious all the time, since I make food from the weirdest shit I find in the refrigerator… Then I cook, it tasts good, & sometimes looks good…my family is usually who I test it on, but I never get sick of my cooking…it’s just good.

Orange rice recipe:
1 bowl of 1 day old white rice
1 cup of Sunny D
1 teaspoon of oil
2 big spoons of butter
2 fried eggs, sunny side up

You throw the oil with the rice & water in the microwave for a minute & a half, throw the Sunny D & butter & throw it in the mucrowave again, make the eggs, put them in the bowl, mix thoroughly. Add Ketchup, mix thoroughly. Done, Orange rice.