Someone must've bottled the scent of my body

Sexually frustrated people everywhere rejoice!


y helo thar d8 rape

It’s not rape if you’re willing.

I don’t need no “nose spray” to turn the ladies on.

The spray bottle seems conveniently shaped so that the user won’t need a hand shall no males be around when she inhales the stuff.

Wow, now any one can get it…thats…odd.

That’s good and all, but pheromones ain’t gonna make you look like Brad Pitt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Solution ->

I see many horrible doujinshi coming true.

It scares me.


I’ve seen this before, but as perfume/ tincture, and ridiculously expensive. Tough luck though if youuse it on her and she humps the guy next to you cause you’re too…hairy? :stuck_out_tongue:

I did better with Smooth Talk and milk…

Someone musti’ve bottled the scent of my body

Wait. This thread is about a smell that STIMULATES sexual arousal. You have the exact opposite effect. Damn nerds never bathing.

Well, I don’t need it. My girlfriend thinks I’M the one with less desire. :open_mouth:

You sir, are sorely mistaken.


People seem to be slightly mistaken about the intended effect of the drug. It does not make men (specific or general) more attractive; it makes the woman horny. It can also work for men, but when would they ever need it?

Heh… Dev, you should sue them for stealing your scent :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone must’ve bottled the scent of my body

That someone must’ve had a terrible, terrible cold.