Some words to Japanese...

Would anyone know what shadow is in Japanese?

Shadow? It’s “Kage” in japanese.

Yay! Thankees Ryuuhi.

Does anyone know what these are?
Edge, Angel or Blade.

Hmm, I completely missed the last post. Anyway…
Angel - Tenshi
Blade - Ittou (Sword blade) is the first that comes to mind…but there are many other ways of saying blade.
Edge - The edge of a blade is “Hasaki”. Or you meant something else? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. You wouldn’t happen to know what Doom was would you? And yes I meant edge of a blade.

What is the word for the wooden training sword for example, the one Kauru uses in the begining of Ruroni Kenshin, as well as the bamboo sword such as the one Yahiko is always waving around.

I’m not familiar with your examples, but the wooden sword is probably a <i>bokken</i>, and the bamboo one is probably a <i>shinai</i>.


If you refer to Doom as “Fate”, Unmei means Fate. I’m not sure if there’s a specific word for Doom in japanese, though. Bokken is correct, but you may find Kidachi or Bokutou for wooden sword, too.

thnx again. I was just wondering, as I have one and was wondering what it should rightly be called. It is more or less a piece of wood shaped like a katana.

The words Bokken and Bokuto are interchangable. They’re both words for wooden swords, so using either one is fine.