Some teen gets his WoW Account Cancelled


But the better part is the Kirby Remix of that WAAAAAAAAAAGE

Also, did he try to shove a remote control up his ass or something? That’s kind of fucked up…

That’s absolutely disturbing. I can definitely see WoW, or at least online gaming, getting its own section in detox centres in the near future.

And I thought I got pissed off by video games…




again Zero?

Anyway I’ve flipped the fuck out pvping before

I’ve seen it about a week ago… but not the Kirby remix!!!


Thank god he had the decency to keep his boxers on at least.

With that said though…


(Why the temper tamtrum and not sulk smash something while you’re at it? In fact how did the other wiener know to set him up the camera in time for him to sulk out like that? I therefor submit that this is all rigged and that he’s just flailing around. He wasn’t even red in the face for crying out loud.)


Oh god I am so sick of that video.
It was posted over and over a couple times per hour over a few days as a board invasion on GameFAQs.
Luckily the Kirby remix makes it all better.

Yeah, minus the part of having a brother, a webcam or my mother having any sort of control on what I play for the last seven years…oh wait.

I was mostly talking about posting another ridiculously fake/staged/etc/etc video

It amused me, especially the Kirby Mix. The real or fake part is irrelevant.

Did he find a dog bowl in his closet and hit himself with it?

I think it was a shoe.

Also I think it was pretty impressive how he went under that blanket and came out with most of his clothes gone.

I think this is the Kirby Remix. Careful, the title and description are in moonspeak. :

Dammit, the Kirby video’s been removed.

The link in Gunslinger’ post still works.

The Kirby remix was all kinds of WTF, but funny as hell.

He reminded me of the autistic speech/language impaired clients that my sister sees. Scary in a way, whether it was fake or not.

Seems set up to me.

I think his screams sounded like what I’d imagine a baby T-rex to sound like suring feedings.

The remote- that was great.

“Mom I can’t believe you deleted my WoW account. Now I will anally molest myself to get back at you!”

OMG, that was hilarious!:hahaha;