Some people get the best stalkers.

Now this guy is a winner. Not only is he a stalker, but he’s violent and completely crazy. Afterall, he has to “appease the power of evil.”

He’s homeless and he can afford to stalk her?

Wow, and I hope he ends up spending the rest of his days in a sanitarium, not a prison.

Whoa! One from the home team! Go Wisconsin! We have all the best criminally insane people: Ed Gein, Jeffery Dahmer, and now this guy!

A homeless person is rich in one thing: time. Yes, he can afford to stalk her.

Give me someone to stalk and some time, and I can top that easy

You should go stalk some random person, and be noticed by them. Make scary phone calls, do the whole bit… and then appear in their house with them and just say “Oh, it’s okay. I was just practicing for big celebrity. Thanks for the help!”

And when you get to the big celebrity say “I’ll stop stalking you, when you stop being so pretty.”

That’s when you mutilate the celebrity.

While pawning off your bio-pic rights.

I’m staying the hell away from Wisconsin. >.>

If you do that, how the hell am I going to practice stalking you?


Dont forget Senator McCarthy

…well, he was insane and did some pretty criminal things while in power

Well, I guess I know where to recruit my clan of evil from…I was going to go to Texas & Alabama…but hey, this works…then I’ll have Ninjas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wisconsian Ninjas!

He’s homeless, yet can afford a tattoo.

He could have gotten the tattoo before he was homeless. A lot of guys get tattoos once they turn 8.


I want a fucking tattoo.

Allright, Setz, you go tell your parents that you want a tattoo because a homeless stalker who is currently being jailed has one, too.

How then does some of the best public radio come from Wisconsin?
Praire Home Companion in particular…