Some of you might like to know

River City Random EX (USA) (That means it’s English) got dumped last night. Pop by the chat and harass me or Epic if you want it, it’s pretty nice. Never really got into the original, though.

What’s been added to it that makes it EX? Just curious.

I dunno what’s been added to it, but balls to that! This is a chance for today’s generation to experiance River City Ransom! ^^

What the fruck is River City Ransom?

Oh, I also found an ISO for Rhapsody: A Musical adventure, we both have that as well. It’s a good game for the Playstation.

yeah, THAT I got. :smiley:

Man, Rhapsody is so awesome. I just wish it weren’t so godawfully easy. It gets annoying when you kill bosses in one or two hits.

Neat, but I think I’ll pass. I have too many other games to beat now. Those are excellent graphics for a NES game though.

EX is the GBA remake. But yeah, the Nes graphics were pretty impressive.