Some help requested-

Okay, I’ve been writing quite a bit recently, and I realized that I really CANNOT write in total silence. I need some good music to write to. It should be LYRICLESS (preferably)- and I’d prefer classical, neo-classical, and any type of jazz to any other sort of genre. Hey, if anyone could suggest any good industrial without lyrics that would rock, too.

Due to my writing style, it would preferably be either violent or chaotic, although I do want a mix.

All I have on me is some Igor Stravinsky, Wagner (yeah, I know, not really classical :p), Pagnini, and Mozart. I’ve been too busy collecting other stuff, I’ve neglected jazz totally and classical almost completly. :\

Thanks. I hope that this was coherent.

Why not try some more modern VG music or remixed soundtracks?

Something fast
La Campanella - Liszt
Moonlight Sonata mov. 3 - Mozart

Something medium
Turkish March - Mozart
Symphony no. 5 - Beethoven

Something slow
Waltz of the Nutcracker - Tchaikovsky
Moonlight Sonata mov. 1 - Mozart

The Planets by Holst. All seven of those works.

And another thing… uh… one of my big problems when I write is FOCUS. I have trouble focusing on one idea, because my mind tends to jump from one thing to the next. If anybody out there can suggest a good writing excersize or something to keep my focus, that would absolutely rock.

Simphny X might be of some help. As for a mind exercise, try making a connection between the many different things that sprout in your thoughts. If you are focusing on something, and your focus changes to something else, try connecting both things.

Another thing I would suggest is practicing meditation. It works for the focusing problem like musculation works for thin arms. I had the same problem and it made me wonders.

I dunno, when I write I need music, but it’s usually just DDR tracks. Go download a bunch of songs for Stepmania and play through a lot of them, you’ll find some that you like and then put them on a playlist of some sort, that’s what I did.

I could send you some Norwegian Classical Music. Edward Grieg and the like.

the 3rd Symphony by Beethoven; otherwise known as the Eroica Symphony (Heroic Symphony). Absolutely awesome. IM me some time and I’ll hook you up.