Some funny game reviews

Angry Video Game Nerd

Some are eh, but a lot of them are pretty cool and funny.

Err, welcome to last year. :smiley:

He’s got some funny stuff, though, but you have to put up with excessive vulgarity. His new videos are all up on, in the Screwattack section.

(Just keep in mind that this is all parody. As James Rolfe has said many times before the Nerd is just a character he plays, and doesn’t necessarily reflect his own opinions, so if he burns a game you like don’t flame him. :P)

Err, welcome to I wasn’t in America last year. Yeah, the vulgarity is bad, but some of the videos are funny, such as the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th reviews are probably my favorites.

I liked the Silver Surfer one. “To keep playing, you’d have to be a NERD! keeps playing