Some electronica

These aren’t mine- but my boyfriend’s friend’s stuff. Critique, plz, we’re looking for feedback. Mostly ambient and trance.

The trance is better than the drum n’ bass stuff. He should listen to the DJ Tiesto albums (Magik series) for something to work on. It’s not bad from what I heard from Newgrounds.

That’s All you had to say. The Magik Series fucking rocks. I own 1-7…Great shit.

Yes you are quite correct…but I was just simplifying the series in one sentence. By the way Magik 3 and 6 are perhaps my favorites.

The DnB is very good, but some of the Ambient could use some work. For homework you have to listen to as much Orbital and Coldcut as you possibly can. :stuck_out_tongue:

I demand more people to review.

If wishes were horses…beggars would ride.