Solomon Kane- The Movie

Huh, I had no idea this was being made. Doesn’t look bad, either:

(For those who don’t know, Solomon Kane is a character created by Robert Howard, same guy who created Conan. Kane is a Pilgrim who hunts down werewolves, vampires and such. He’s not as well known as his other characters. I can imagine some people saying, “Look! They made a sequel to Van Helsing!” :stuck_out_tongue: )

Look! They made a sequel to Van Helsing!

Look! They made a sequel to Van Wilder!

Looks pretty decent. Big flaming swords are always entertaining.

Well, the proof is in the eating of the pudding.

Look! They made a sequal to Van Damme!

Actually, there IS a movie about Van Damme (No, not starring him, ABOUT him!) And it’s a comedy! Following on Arnold’s action-to-comedy star steps, eh, Jean Claud? :wink: But then so is The Rock apparently (how’d they convince him to do “Tooth Fairy?”) :thud:


I was referring to JCVD. Its a movie about him going to jail and rising from some nobody who’s wife was murdered, to a prison fighter or something. I didn’t finish it; there was not enough fighting.

Does this movie cover his role in the original live action Street Fighter movie?

That’s a hit under the belt if I saw one. (Still, better than seeing that movie.)

I challenge you, sir, to find me a Jean Claude Van Damme movie which is not a comedy.

Depends on what you consider funny. :wink:

On other movie news, the Green Lantern movie is coming along nicely; the hero, his love interest and one of the villains have already been casted, and there’s some conceptual art making the rounds on the Net. Check it out here:

Green Lantern has enough material for ten or twenty movies. Just the Sinestro Corps war or Blackest Night would make for a lot of hours.

Oh yeah, definitely. But that’s not the problem. The thing is, fans want the movie versions to be 100% like the comics, but that won’t work because the vast majority of the audience knows nothing about them nor would be interested in fantasies THAT wild. A good superhero movie must pick the best parts of the source material and present them in a way most of the audience will get. The Dark Knight and Iron Man proved it can be done.

As for Green Lantern, I foresee it as “Top Gun meets Star Wars”. With TRON Special FX.