Soldier of Fortune

Anybody here every play Soldier of Fortune? I have SOF Platinum, and it’s AWESOME

I’ve played the second one, and it was ok, it wasn’t as good as Half Life or Jedi Knight II.

I don’t really care for Half-Life that much.
I dunno, it was alot of fun for awhile, but it got old really fast.
It just goes ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ONNNN
I made it pretty far on Half-Life and gave up, well, because I’m lazy, and I was stuck and couldn’t find how to get to the next level.

Yeah. I’ve played it. I didn’t like it. And I told Raven Software where to stick it. Soldier of Fortune [1 and 2] are good examples at games that tries too much and ends up with nothing at all.

It got blood. That’s it. It’s too bad it ain’t got any flesh to keep it from splashing down on the floor. [Quote me on that one]

The story stinks of the usual yankee-saves-the-day storyline of those in b-movies. And the graphics engine. Oh dear God. Awful. It’s a modified Quake 2 engine for crying out loud!

Well, I could sit here and just puke out my hate… I’ll just go, shall I?

There was blood. Faaaar too much blood. I just can’t wait for Ha HL2 beta. Mmmmm…